Saturday, March 31, 2012


Well, we had eight families nominated to receive our student-loan-payment-turned-adoption-fund donation.  So I wrote their names down on pieces of paper...

...and then I folded them up and put them in a hat basket.

Then I let Lila choose one:

And the winner of our little drawing is the Moldrups!  The Moldrups are long-time family friends and they are adopting two kiddos from Haiti.  Read about their adoption journey here.  They are raising money through Helping Hands so if you would like to contribute to their adoption fund, click here and select "Adoption" in the Project Category menu:
and then "Moldrup Family" in the Project drop down menu:

Because they are doing their fundraising through Helping Hands, your donation will be tax deductible!

We made our donation this afternoon:
We wanted to do this for many reasons:
1. To celebrate our freshly paid off student loan (read more about that here)
2. To exercise generosity in our hearts.  Giving things away doesn't come easy, but we believe that if we make a habit of it, it will begin to become instinctual - and that's the kind of life we want to live!
3. Because so many adoptive families we don't know have supported our adoption through puzzle piece donations, t-shirt orders, our American Girl Doll giveaway, etc.  Those donations always meant so much to us because we knew they were giving us money that they were likely just as in need of!
4. To remind ourselves that our stuff - even our hard earned money - isn't ours.  The Lord provides for us and we want to hold our resources with open hands.
5. To spread the word about the needs and stories of other adoptive families.

Our hope is that you will click that little link (here it is again) to read about the Moldrups and their awesome family and perhaps feel compelled to share your prayers and maybe even your weekly Starbucks money with them to help them bring their sweet kids home.

And as for the other families who were nominated, we really wish we had the resources to give each family a special donation.  In fact, the Husband and I are already discussing how we could make something like this happen on a regular basis.  But in the meantime, I wanted to share their blogs (if they have them/I'm aware of them) with you so you can show them some love and support, too.

Here they are:
- The Woods adopting from Russia: Bringing Ella Home
- The Carters adopting domestically: Our Joyful Journey
- The Nagels adopting domestically: For the Love of Waverley
- The Butlers adopting domestically: Adoption Response

And those who don't have blogs that I know of:
- The Garbers adopting domestically
- The Hogues adopting Wilby from Haiti (you can see pictures of them and Wilby on the Moldrups blog here)
- The Philips adopting from India

Show them some love!  Let's bring some babies home!

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