Monday, April 2, 2012


The Nagels are still in desperate need of our prayers.  Rather than write my own version of events, I will simply copy and paste the information from their Caring Bridge site.  If you are prayerfully inclined, please join us in praying for a miraculous healing for Matt from 4-5pm today.  If you are in the Kansas City area, you can join us in person at the Spencer Chapel at KUMed.

Main prayer requests are:
- for the swelling in Matt's brain to decrease (or disappear!)
- for Matt's vitals to be stable and within healthy range
- for strength and peace for Molly and their family
- for protection over Harper's (their 5-year-old daughter) heart during this frightening time

Please read the updates from the family below.  You can also sign up to receive emailed or texted updates via their Caring Bridge site here.

MONDAY, APRIL 2, 2012 8:22 AM, CDT
day two
Good morning,
Molly updating here.  Matt’s brain is continuing to swell.  Matt struggled through the night, and I am writing this in a lull while they set him up for a cooling procedure where they will try to create hypothermia-like conditions in an effort to bring his swelling down.  On a scale of 1-20 (with 20 being the highest the swelling can be in his brain without putting him at significant risk) Matt is currently at a 32.  His pupils are not responding, he is currently unable to obey commands (like wiggle your toes, give a thumbs up, squeeze my hand), his heart rate is low, his blood pressure is not where they want it to be.  The swelling from the damaged side of his brain is putting great pressure on the functional side of his brain. 

The doctors have exhausted the surgical options and are now treating him with medication and cooling.  His swelling is expected to increase over the next couple of days.

Please pray for a miraculous decrease in the swelling in Matt’s brain.

As for me, I am scared.

I am immensely grateful for the support that is completely covering us.  I can’t imagine doing this without our tribe.  Thank you for the prayers, Dr. Peppers, company, comments, supplies, and more prayers you have showered on me.  I am grateful on Matt’s behalf.  His parents are also feeling loved and supported.  Thank you for following Matt’s progress and for your continued prayer support. 

With love and thanks,
MONDAY, APRIL 2, 2012 12:13 PM, CDT
prayer service
For those of you who are able - there will be a prayer service for the Nagels today at the Spencer Chapel on the KU Med Center campus from 4-5 p.m.

The chapel is located right off Rainbow Blvd with parking across the street (at various businesses).  A campus map can be foundHERE

We anticipate this being a daily gathering - we will update you on that as well.  If you cannot attend - please be in prayer at your home / place of business.

We hope to give an update shortly on Matt's condition.  Thanks for hanging in there with us...
MONDAY, APRIL 2, 2012 2:20 PM, CDT

" will cry for help, and he will say:  Here I am." Is 58:9

There are only a few things to report right now - some encouraging and some discouraging - that seems to be how it goes.

Swelling - we've seen a slight decrease in swelling (critical in the first 72 hours) but there is pressure even on the uninjured side - the midline doesn't look so hot right now.

Vitals - temps, blood pressure, heart rate - all responding to medicine, but not stable on their own.  They were able to bring his temp down within range with the cooling therapy.

Responsiveness - Matt is not "presenting well," as they put it.  

Please pray.

Molly asks for prayer for wisdom on how to protect Harper this week - she IS enjoying her new Barbie horse...but pray for healthy sleep and her stress level while Daddy is sick.  

We will post a prayer guide right before the gathering today (4pm) for those of you who can't be here in person.

The whole family is overwhelmed and encouraged by your prayers. Thank you ALL for your comments and emails and offers of help.  We are tracking it all and will let you know when practical needs can be taken care of.  Meal planning, schedules, links and things from the family will always originate from THIS (caring bridge) site.  You will not miss an opportunity to help!  See our "My Story" tab for more information.

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