Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Mornings are for Pancakes and The Muppet Show.

One of my favorite things about the Muppets (of which there are so many, but that's for another post) is that I now, as a twenty-first century father, get to pass down to my kids a glimpse of the Golden Age of broadcast entertainment. With full awareness of the fact that I kind of sound like one of my crotchety old film history professors, I'm a little sad that Lila and her generation won't know Vaudevillians like Milton Berle, or Broadway starlets like Julie Andrews, or even comedy and variety show icons like Carol Burnett. Who am I kidding? I'm a product of the nineties and had to seek that stuff out myself. But thanks to Jim Henson, and more importantly DVD (we're still waiting for seasons four and five, Disney. Get with it already), Lila is getting trained up right. So it shouldn't be any surprise to me that she talks about performers like Pearl Bailey, Phyllis Diller and John Cleese as often as Dora or Elmo. Well, nearly as often as Elmo. 

On the way home from Easter with Kelsey's family, Lila must have been remembering an episode she watched over pancakes this morning because she started asking about the current locations of her favorite Muppet stars. "Where's Kermit? Where's Fozzie? Where's Mishpiggy?" to which the answer was always, predictably, on The Muppet Show.

She gave up for a while and then several minutes later, for a good four or five blocks, she stumped us. It sounded something like, "Where's Mary's kind?" I asked for clarification. "Where's Mary's kand?" Once again, I asked her to repeat herself and she was clearly growing tired of my inability to not only answer, but comprehend her earnest inquiry. I asked who Mary was. "NO. Where's Maddydid Kahnd?" Kelsey, remembering the line of Muppet-related geography questions from earlier, arrived while I was still trying to sort out the syllables. She said "Madeline Kahn?" to which Lila exhaustedly but happily replied, "yeah." I can only assume that not every toddler knows the comedic genius of the great Madeline Kahn, so thank you Muppet Show. But since we weren't ready to walk down the avenue of explaining mortality to a two year old, we fell back to the familiar she's on The Muppet Show.

And for your enjoyment, Lila watching one of her favorite episodes and singing along with Elton John and Piggy:

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