Sunday, May 27, 2012

It IS marvelous.

A while back Kelsey introduced a new semi-regular series of posts about our marriage story, submitting some emails and stories from early on in our relationship. Yesterday we were making a somewhat vain attempt to reorganize the garage in preparation for our garage sale coming up in a few weeks (we're still taking donations, but our garage is packed to the ceiling despite our reshuffling efforts and clothing items have now moved into Lila's playroom much to her displeasure). I emptied out a filing cabinet that is going into the sale and one of the file folders contained a bunch of printed emails, hand-written letters and Fresh Ink cards (a long-time favorite of ours), one of which had to be shared. I had sent it in response to receiving something at my house on Louisiana when I was at KU and she was at Bethel in St. Paul. The front looks like this:

And on the inside, I transcribed the following dialog. In case it isn't obvious, Resident refers to me. I was trying to sound cool for my ladyfriend and was am actually a dork:

Mailman: Which one of you always gets mail from Minnesota?
Resident: That would be me.
Mailman: You from St. Paul?
Resident: Nope. My fiancé lives there.
Mailman: She sure sends you a lot of mail.
Resident: Yeah, she's pretty great. She knows how to make you feel loved.
Mailman: Is it hard having her so far away?
Resident: Painful. But she'll be back next week.
Mailman: That'll be marvelous.

I love that he used that word. No other descriptor would have been as appropriate or accurate. And while I can't recall the exact moment I saw Kelsey when she returned after that exchange, I definitely know the feeling because it still feels marvelous.

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Katy said...

You are such a sweet man Eric, love the post! Now I would like to know where you went on vacation..........