Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Look what we found

Well, Daddy found.  He (she?) was hiding in Lila's play house and was nearly devoured by our vicious attack dog.

Yeah, that one.

Anyway, Daddy saved it and then he and Lila pet it and held it just long enough for its wild animal diseases to rub off on my daughter.  But despite my concerns about Lila contracting Wild Bunny Hoof and Mouth or whatever, I was at least amused enough to take pictures.  Lila kept saying to the bunny, "You have a little face?  You have a little nose?  You have a little tail?"  It was pretty cute.

After much gushing and petting and squirming (on the part of the bunny), they released it into the wild our bushes in the backyard. I thought she wouldn't want to let him go, but she was mostly ambivalent about the whole thing.

And then I made her wash her hands for 17 minutes.  Can't be too careful, you know.

Since then, she'll randomly inform me, "We found a bunny.  He's with his mommy."

I hope that little thing makes it.  Mostly I hope I don't find it half-eaten in the backyard.  If I do, I'm locking the dog in the laundry room until the Husband comes home to clean things up.

On an unrelated note, I snapped these pictures today of Lila and Future Husband Jude (whose name she says in a French accent - with the J sounding like the letter "s" in the word vision).  Just before I took these pictures Lila was yelling his name and wagging her hand at him in a demanding way so that he would come hold it.  As you can tell, he seemed happy to oblige.

this one's blurry, but I love how she's looking at him
 There are arranged marriages in the US, right?  Besides being willing to be bossed around a bit by my opinionated girl, Jude has continued to impress me with his gentlemanly care of my Lila.  He has reportedly fended off another kid who tried to hold Lila's hand by shoving the kid out of the way and saying, "No!  That's MY baby."  He also brings her toys to play with - holding them out in his hands like an offering.  When she was little, he would cup her face in his hands and talk about how cute she was.  Last week, she got hurt and he came to her side and said, "You okay, Lila?" and gave her a hug.  And a few weeks ago, Jude's Mommy told me that when she asked who he played with at school he said, "Lila.  And she was wearing a pretty dress.  It was yellow and black."  And it was!  What a guy - noticing his lady's outfit!  And to top it off, last week Jude was wearing a Superman shirt with a cape.  John Deere AND Superman.  He's a regular renaissance man.  Where can I sign the betrothal documents?

Okay, so maybe I'm beginning to sound a bit creepy.  But even if it's not Jude she marries, I pray she marries someone with those qualities - someone who is willing to protect her, provide for her, compliment her, comfort her, take care of her, and maybe even take notice of a new outfit she is wearing.  Hmm, now that I write out that list, I guess I'm praying she marries someone just like her Daddy.

Even if that means a lifetime of befriending wild (and possibly disease-laden) animals together.


Jessica Blake said...

good one. top 5 five.
probably because it involves a cute little furry animal AND that sweet little blonde haired boy.
and his John Deere shirt. the best.

Katy said...

love this post! I am glad she let the bunny go back to his/her mommy quietly! Cute little boy too!