Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

I had this deep and sort of serious post in the works and then I thought, "Let's not go there today.  Let's celebrate."  So instead, I'm recycling bits of a post from a few months ago and sharing some of my previously unpublished images of my motherhood.  Enjoy:

taken 3 days before Lila was born.  we're the belly on the left.
the other belly is Alissa Shirley and her son Reave who came 2 days after Lila

Ask any mom and she’ll tell you (if she’s honest), there is absolutely nothing more terrifying than motherhood. Nothing. The responsibility of shaping, protecting, discipling and training a child is the most nerve-wracking and self-doubt-inducing thing a person could possibly do. And to make matters worse, the results of our blood, toil, tears and sweat are walking around in their own independent bodies to be admired or judged by the rest of the waking world. Heaven help us. Literally.

Reading the Jesus Storybook Bible (before Daddy finished our awesome rocking chair)

We’ve all been given tools to help us parent our children. Those tools might be the example set by our parents, experiences we’ve had caring for children, formal education in classes or seminars or conferences, or simply our mother’s intuition and instincts. Some of us have been blessed with many tools; others of us have had fewer experiences and opportunities to acquire those tools.

Lila's first time swimming

But the truth is, most moms are doing their very best with the tools they have - and most moms fear that their best isn't good enough.

First trip to the zoo
Pumpkin patch Fall 2011

As moms, no one wants our best to be enough more than we do! But it isn’t. We can’t be the perfect parent. We will lose our tempers, make mistakes and choose the exact wrong moments to be inattentive to curious toddlers who wonder whether that bead will fit inside their nose (it will, by the way).

wearing purple to support our friend Emmaus - Epilepsy Awareness Day
 But Moms, here’s what you need to know: despite your deepest fears, you are doing a great job. Parenting is hard.
Second-guessing and worrying is a natural hazard of the job. All you can do is give it your best, and even when you don't or can't, it's okay. The Good News is that we have a Heavenly Father who loves your child even more than you do. (I know that feels impossible!)  So in those moments, when your best falls short, I hope you remember our Heavenly Father who is faithful to fill in the gaps.  His best IS good enough.
Our friend Jewel took these for us just after Lila's first birthday

 Happy Mother's Day, to all of you mamas and soon-to-be mamas out there!


Holly said...

Awwwwwww Kelsey! Love all these pics, I almost forgot how chubby little Lila was :) such a sweet post, mommy hood is so hard but so rewarding. You are so right, His best is good enough!

Katy said...

I love the black and white pictures. Awesome post!