Monday, June 18, 2012

giveaway winner, garage sale final numbers and the story of a stolen iPhone

First off, the giveaway winner is Paige - who definitely earned her title of Garage Sale Queen this weekend.  Paige and her kiddos were here all day Thursday to help us price and set up, all day Friday to help us man the sale and even stopped by in the morning on Saturday to cheer us on.  Plus, she Craigslisted the heck out of our sale and even stood out on the corner of our street with a sign waving people to come by our sale! knows what it's doing - this lady deserved the win!  Paige, you can pick up your gift card when you come by to pick up your bins!

Our garage sale was a huge success!  We are beyond grateful to everyone who donated things, stopped by to shop, spread the word, and helped us with the set up and tear down three days in a row!

Special thanks go to the Husband, Paige, Holly, Janell, Laurisa, Angela, Hannah, the Totsches, Mallory, Jordanne, Sara B. and my parents.  I hope I didn't miss anyone in that list.  You all were life savers and I truly, truly could not have pulled this off without you.  There's no way.  And most of you were here multiple days and with babies in tow.  And one of you I met last Monday! (You know who you are!)  Seriously, it is overwhelming to have such wonderful, generous, supportive friends.  Community is the greatest.  Thursday night - the eve of the sale - after sorting, labeling, sweating and fretting over the fickle rain forecast all day, I said to the Husband as I collapsed into bed, "I have never felt so exhausted, stressed, and loved all at once."

I measure the success of the sale in three ways:
Weather - all weekend there was a "chance of rain" so I was constantly watching the clouds, ordering them to pass quickly or retreat and mentally making a plan to bring in the most valuable and vulnerable items in first.  But the most rain we got was a 30 second misting on Friday afternoon.  Thank you, Lord!  There's no way I could have gotten everything inside in time had it started to rain.

Items Sold - after we closed shop on Friday, I was thrilled that everything fit back in the garage (Thursday night, our garage and living room were stacked to shoulder height) and Saturday night we were able to fit everything leftover on two tables in our garage.  THAT, my friends, is a miracle.

Money Made - Lila and I met Eric for lunch today and stopped by the bank to deposit our earnings into our adoption account.  The grand total was $1,266.  Let me say that again, one thousand, two hundred and sixty-six dollars.  My conservative goal was $500, with a hopeful goal of $1000 so to make a cent over $1000 is jaw-dropping.  I just can't believe it.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  We are now over a quarter of the way to having our referral fee covered!  Wahoooooooooo!

I so wish this post could be full of pictures documenting the weekend, but I was so busy/stressed trying to pull everything together that I didn't take any pictures.  Not that it would have mattered anyway since my phone was stolen during our sale on Saturday.

Which brings me to the only disappointment of the sale.  My iPhone was stolen Saturday morning.  We noticed it was missing soon after a big group of people left the sale, and when Eric called it, it had been turned off.  I had checked the time on it a few minutes before so the fact that it was turned off was our first cause for alarm.  After a frantic search of the house and tables, we began to think back about when it could have been taken.  There was one person who had stood out to me for a variety of reasons and in hindsight, we thought that his actions were suspicious.  I'll share the full story later, but the short of it is, we were right.  We know who did it, where he lives and have proof that it was in his house as recent as Sunday morning, but we still have been unable to get it back for a variety of reasons.

We still have a few ideas to try to get it back, and I'll share the full story soon once we have exhausted our options.  But for now, we are trying to figure out what to do in the meantime.  We would appreciate your prayers for a miracle.  I feel so vulnerable to have a stranger have access to the bits of my life that are stored on that phone - old emails, texts, pictures of Lila.  The financial loss pales in comparison to the emotional strain and frustration of losing the information on the phone.  In the meantime, I can be reached on Eric's phone.  If you don't have that number, email me for it and while you're at it, send me your number, too so I can start compiling my contacts again in case we don't get it back.

On another note, Anonymous, I owe you a bit of an apology for my snippy response to your comment on the previous post.  I was lacking coping skills yesterday with the stress of my phone being stolen when I saw your comment and did not appreciate the snap judgement you seemed to make about me - that I would accuse someone of stealing my phone if I didn't truly know it was stolen.  But I also know that some people (hi, Mom) can't figure out how to sign in to leave a comment so their comments come across as "Anonymous."  So, if you are one of those people who leave unintentional anonymous comments, I sincerely apologize.  However, I do think intentionally anonymous comments are really lame.  I think as a general rule, people should think about what they're writing and if they aren't willing to put their name on it, it probably shouldn't be said.  To be honest, if you had left your name, I probably wouldn't have taken as much offense to the comment.  And to be more honest, if I hadn't been really, really exhausted from the weekend and really, really stressed about not having my phone, I probably would have just brushed it off.  Also, I don't actually think you stole my phone.  I know who stole my phone and I don't think he reads this blog.  So, I apologize for that reactionary accusation - it wasn't sincere, I was trying to prove a point that one snap judgement tempts another.

Anyway, I don't want to end on a sour note, because all-in-all the weekend was a huge, exhausting, emotional, success!  The Bible says that Satan (the enemy of God and His people) comes to "kill, steal and destroy" and I don't want to allow him to kill our moods, steal our joy in a successful sale and destroy the good work the Lord is doing in us and toward our adoption.  So I'm going to end with this:

It is good to give thanks to the Lord,
to sing praises to the Most High.
It is good to proclaim your unfailing love in the morning,
your faithfulness in the evening...
You thrill me, Lord, with all you have done for me!
I sing for joy because of what you have done.
o Lord, what great works you do!  - Psalm 92:1-5

We are thrilled with everything the Lord has done for us.  What joy to be a part of his beautiful plan!

Oh, and we moved another spot on the waiting list!  We are now number 94!!  


Jami Nato said...

honestly, who steals a phone from people who are trying to raise money for an ADOPTION?!

Pipsylou said... commented on my blog FOOOOOOORRRRRREEEEEEEVER ago! I agree with Jami - WHO?????????????!!!1

double stroller has been found - I'd love your email address! It's probably right on your site..

Mira's mom said...

I think your response to anonymous was acceptable. I sometimes read blogs of random people ( you don't count because years and years and years ago I saw you at the Kahlers a lot so I kinda sorta feel like I know you...somewhat) but I would never rudely question a stranger. Anyway..I love your blog. You seriously crack me up and sometimes your blog feels like therapy. I am about to revive mine so I like to get ideas on what to blog about.

Katy said...

So glad you did so well at your garage sale. I put up your flyer on my facebook page and Cedar Ridge's facebook page but don't know if anyone showed up!

Sorry about your phone, good luck in getting it back!

Jenny said...

So excited about how much you raised!!! yayayayayayay! Praise the Lord. I had no clue garage sales even came close to the $500 mark.