Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We had a fancy lunch today

When one is entertaining a Fairy Princess, one must pull out all the stops to please her.
her wings aren't visible in this picture, unfortunately
So we spread her little table with her choice of table cloth, cloth napkins and special plates.

Her Teddy Bear was an honored guest.
We took intermittent dance breaks as necessary.

She chose the music - "The Baby Girl Song" (Belle and Sebastian's You're Just a Baby, Babygirl) and
"Doo-Doo" (Brooke Fraser's Something in the Water).

On the menu:
turkey dog
carrots and hummus
Why so blurry, iPhone?
The Fairy Princess' mommy had a yummy sandwich and carrots and strawberries.

"You eat a stwabewwy, now I eat a stwabewwy! You eat a cawwot, now I eat a cawwot!"

Then, the Fairy Princess earned herself a special cookie (leftover from Cousin Suzannah's wedding) because she ate a great lunch and helped Mommy empty the dishwasher.

Days like this have a special kind of magic to them.  Even if emotional meltdowns bookended the magic.  In 20 years, it's the Fairy Princess Fancy Lunch that we'll remember and not the many (MANY) meltdowns of the day.  I hope.

So, did any princesses join you for lunch today?

P.S. An adoption update is coming!  Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Oh so cute. Can't believe she is my granddaughter. Have to pinch myself sometmes

Katy said...

So cute, Love her outfit!
I can't wait to hear about your adoption update. In my prayers!