Sunday, June 3, 2012

Yay, Chicken Nugget!

Every night, we put Lila to bed around 8:00pm and every night she sings and talks and babbles and flops around until 9:15pm.  That's an hour and fifteen minutes every night of the Lila Show, put on only for her own benefit.  And maybe Lambie's.  Sometimes Lambie's name is mentioned, but usually because Lambie is doing something unsatisfactory:

"No Lambie! Dat's MY suggle!"

This probably means she needs to get rid of her nap soon, but I'm in denial. 

Tonight, the Show included a cheerleading segment of some sort:

"Yay, Ernie!
Yay, Telly!
Yay, Cookie Monster!
Yay, Chicken nugget!
Yay, Carrot!
Yay, Banana!"

The show is a little different every night, but it's on every night from 8:00-9:15pm.   

When we were in Florida with my parents, my dad would sit next to the monitor, leaned in, listening to the entertainment.  My mom made the comment that if she didn't hear it every night, she wouldn't believe it if we told her.  

It's now 9:10, so we're rounding out the episode with a rendition of Ring Around the Rosie:

"Wing awound da wosie,
pocket full of posies,
asses, asses we all fall DOWN!

(No, I did not teach my daughter to say "ass," that's how she says ashes okay?)

At least she's not crying, right?


Also, I just want you to know, I'm training Lila up right:
You guys! Stop looking in my messy closet!
We spent about 45 minutes post-nap today watching YouTube clips of Wicked and Les Miserables.  Mostly Lila wanted to watch Cosette sing Castle on a Cloud 100 times.  She WILL watch musicals with me.  She WILL.

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Jessica Blake said...

good one. I love her. you're a good mama. and i wanna watch musicals with you!