Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A story

Lila told me this story yesterday and I was so glad I had my computer nearby.  I just started typing, word-for-word, what she was saying and guess what? It's hilarious.  (You should know, Franny is our dog.)

Franny was going through a cave and she fell down off the boat and I can’t get her in the water and she splashed in the water and she said, “Get me out of da pool!” she said.  And I can’t get her and she stay in the pool and she didn’t have a boat here.  And she had a new boat, but I had a new boat, too. Oh I’m sorry!  The boat came to the cave and Franny came to another cave.  She came to a pink cave! And she go to a purple cave! And she go to a pink cave! And she go to an orange cave! And a pink cave and purple cave. And she saw toys in the caves.  She had one chocolate.  And she go in her own boat.  

The end.

I smell a Pulitzer.

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