Monday, August 20, 2012

Lila the flower girl

Lila was a flower girl in our friend Mallory's wedding this weekend.  It was the thrill of her life.  Mallory and another friend, Elissa, lived with us for the summer when I was pregnant with Lila so we call them Lila's summer aunties.  We were so honored and excited when Mallory asked Lila to be a flower girl in her wedding.  She gave Lila a little book that told the story of a flower girl and we've been reading it religiously, inserting Lila's name for the flower girl's name and Mallory's name for the bride's name.

The book was hugely helpful because Lila had no idea what being a flower girl meant.  The problem was, she began to take the book literally.  The little girl in the book got to wear white sparkly shoes, so Lila told everyone, "I'm going to be a flower girl and I get to wear white sparkly shoes!"  And the flower girl got to drop the flower petals on the ground while Lila simply got to hold a special bouquet as she walked down the aisle.  I began to get worried that she'd be sorely disappointed when the time came to walk down the aisle and she realized her shoes were neither white nor sparkly and that the basket of flowers she had come to expect was a bouquet of flowers.

Lila and Daddy before the wedding

My two loves.  Could a girl ask for a better-looking pair? 

I needn't have worried, though because the other factor was that Lila was not the only flower girl.  Mallory's little cousin, Tenley, was also a flower girl and Lila was completely engrossed in the task of micro-managing Tenley's flower girl performance.  Even though Tenley is just four months younger than Lila, my bossy girl intuited the age difference and immediately took charge.

"You have to hold my hand, Tenley!  This way!  Come on, Tenley!"

I love Tenley's look of trepidation.  She must have sensed the tight grip of a rough hugger and heard warning bells go off in her cute little head.
They ended up being a great pair and Lila asked all night, "Where's my friend?"

An impromptu photo session as we were trying to keep the girls occupied while we waited for their turn. 
Right before we sent them down the aisle.  They took their job very seriously!
The girls did a great job - no melt downs or anything!  They did need a little prodding to make it down the aisle because they got distracted two rows in and started showing people their flowers.  I tried to discreetly nudge them along and was successful until they hit the halfway point where there was a break in the chairs and some stairs to the right of the congregation.  They saw the stairs and took a right turn and started up the stairs so MOTFG (Mother-of-the-Flower-Girl) had to intervene to redirect them down the aisle again.  I was laughing so hard and both girls were looking at me like I was nuts. Hopefully the little detour was seen as normal flower girl hijinks that people expect from two-year-olds.  I also hope I successfully walked the line between helpful herding and distracting interference!

My mom came up with the brilliant idea of having a little gift for Lila to play with once she made it down the aisle.  So before the wedding, I showed Lila the little Cinderella and Prince Charming dolls my mom had picked up for her and told her she could have them once she walked down the aisle.  To which she responded, "What's an aisle?"  *sigh*

Anyway, they worked like a charm and entertained Lila throughout the ceremony.
This is the best I could do when I was discreetly trying to take a picture of Lila during the ceremony.  See those blurry things in her left hand?  They're Cinderella and her prince flying through the air.  Lila's really into making things fly and wanting to fly and wondering why she can't fly.  "I need wings!" she asserts often.
As soon as the ceremony was done, we corralled the girls outside so Mallory could get a picture with them.

Look at that beautiful bride! Mallory was breathtaking and Tenley couldn't stop staring at her while Lila couldn't stop touching her dress.
 Then the mommies tried to have our own photo shoot which wasn't quite as successful.  Tenley refused to hold her flowers and Lila kept trying to show off her undies.
This photo perfectly captures their personalities and moods.  Love it.
Look at that sweet girl.  I'm getting some unwanted flash-forwards to her wedding. Sniff.
After this, we moved the party inside to join the actual party and Lila had her first of many cookies as a reward for a job well done.

My motto for the night was: Forget the rules.  Just survive.
It was such a fun experience, especially because we love Mallory and her new hubby, Ryan so much.  The wedding was perfect and Lila had a blast.   She's ready to do it all again.  In her mind, it was like hitting the jackpot - she got a few presents, a new twirly dress, a flower barrette which she proclaimed "perfect for singing Popular,"* more cookies than she usually is allowed to consume in a month, and a lot of attention.  So, I whipped up a little advert just in case anyone is looking to hire a flower girl:
As ready as Lila is to be flower girl again, her mommy is ready for a return to normalcy!  We had our first monster tantrum in many weeks this afternoon when I pushed her just a little too far past her nap time.  Rookie mistake.  I should know by now that especially fun things also tend to be especially exhausting things, but I didn't really do the math until about 15 minutes into hysterical crying and thrashing.  She literally fell asleep crying.  It was so pathetic and sad.  And full of snot.  I needed a second shower after I had finally gotten her to sleep!  

Anyway!  Here's to many wonderful and happy years of marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Gobet!  We love you!

*Lila is obsessed with the song "Popular" from the musical Wicked.  Remember how I was determined to have her watch musicals with me?  Well, I've succeeded.  She has memorized Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel's version of the song (after approximately 1 million YouTube plays) and now insists on re-creating the performance on a daily basis.  If you have been near us in the last month, you have surely been privileged to witness these little performances.  

I've been trying to get it on video to share here, but it's very difficult to document when she insists that I play the part of "The Green" while she plays "The Pink" (her names for the characters Elphaba and Galinda, respectively).  She's got every little nuance and detail memorized and has turned into performer, director and producer of each production.  She's very bossy.  And hilarious.  But she takes it all very seriously.  An artist perfecting her craft.  I've created a monster.

Lila and "the Pink" aka, Kristin Chenoweth with their matching flowers.


Dana Butler said...

I know you know this already.... but she is so. stinking. cute. Holy cow, be still my heart!

PS... Kristin Chenoweth is our good friend Darin's cousin. Never met her though. Just a random fact about me... or, my friend. :)

Mallory Gobet said...


I finally decided to do a little catch-up on your blog and read through your past year review, and your December posts. Then I realized you probably posted something about that adorable flower girl of yours. I loved reading this. She was such a doll, and if we could do it all over again, I would definitely ask her for a second time.

I loved reading the stories that I didn't get to hear that day - like Lila instructing Tenley on where to go and what to do. So stinking cute! And I love how she liked that flower for her hair! Anyway, this gave me some laughs tonight. Especially the advertisement for Lila to be another flower girl. She can feel free to list me as a reference. :)

Hope to see you all soon. Love you!