Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I've been trying to write this post since Sunday and I just can't corral the words into a succinct post that does justice to what we experienced Sunday night.  Here's the best I can do.  Let me start by saying, we had a lot of church on Sunday.  First, the Husband's brother was baptized in the morning at Heartland's annual baptism.  Then, we all went home, ate lunch, took naps (yes, all of us) and woke up to get ready for church at 5:00.

Our church, the Gathering, meets Sunday evenings so we have an unofficial tradition of going to my parents' house for dinner after church.  This Sunday we and a few friends gathered at my parents' house and toward the end of the night, we had CHURCH.

Ok, first a little back story.

A few weeks ago, my dad was pulling up to his house as his neighbor, Alan, was pulling up to his house.  As my dad got out of his car, Alan yelled to him, "Pastor Glenn!  You have BET?"

To which my dad, aka the whitest guy in Lenexa, said, "I think so."

"Turn on BET! My daughter's singing!"

And thus started a new part of our Sunday evening tradition - watching Alexis sing each week as she competed on Sunday Best - Gospel's response to American Idol.  And you'll never believe it (actually you might once you've heard her sing), she's in the final two!

So Sunday night, we were at my parents' house for our usual post-church dinner when Alan stopped by to tell us that the semi-finals were airing and that we could start voting for Alexis to win!   We ended up inviting his whole family over to join us for dinner and together we ate dinner and watched Alexis sing.

It was surreal to be watching the sweet 19-year-old sitting next to me on the couch, up on a stage on TV belting her heart out.  Lila kept looking back and forth between Alexis and the TV saying, "That's you!"

It did occur to me that perhaps the magnitude of it was lost on Lila, considering she regularly sees herself on TV thanks to her parental paparazzi and our constant iPhone videos we take of her.  "You're on TV? Big deal.  I'm on TV all the time."

After the show was over (and all of us had maxed out our votes per person), we asked if Alexis would give us a little private performance and she obliged.  So we all headed upstairs and that's when CHURCH happened.  It turns out Alexis is not the only musically talented member of her family and suddenly we had a full Gospel choir in our living room.  It was spine-tingling.  There is not one member of that family who can't sing and they all gave us a live performance.  And you are in luck, because I recorded it.

We had church in the morning at the lake.  We had church in the evening at the Gathering.  And then we had CHURCH.  And you're about to, too:

There is so much I love about what happened in the living room Sunday night.  I love that our church family and our neighbors' family blended into one big family.  I love that we got to experience worship in a way different from our norm.  I love the look on Lila's face when they started singing and the fact that she said, "Too loud!"  I love that my mom found a tambourine.  CHURCH.

It was awesome.

Okay, now it's time for you to support our local celebrity, Miss Alexis Spight!  You can vote up to 30 times, ten times three different ways:
1. Text the number "1" to 72299 to vote for her (you'll get a text response that it was processed)
2. Call 1-888-523-7801 - you'll get a recorded message saying thank you for voting for Alexis
3. Vote online here.

You can vote until midnight on August 31st so go ahead and start texting, calling and clicking!


Nancy said...

Kels Ypu did a great job of explaining this night and giving others a window into this amazing gifted family.
I have been singing their song all day!

Holly said...

GOOSEBUMPS!!! What a wonderful story and I love the spontaneity of this kind of CHURCH! Praising Jesus right now :) I really needed this today!

Katy said...