Friday, September 21, 2012

5 things

1. Lila wants to be a baby.  We have a daily battle when I change her out of her nighttime diaper when she wakes up because she always tries to negotiate a diaper instead of undies.  We have this conversation every morning:
Lila: (in her baby voice) Diaper.
Me: Lila, you are a big girl.  You wear undies now.
Lila: No, Diaper.
Me: Lila, we talk about this every day.  It's not a choice.  You wear a diaper at nap and night, but that's all.
Lila: Diaper.
Me: Time out.
Lila: Undies.

I hate starting our day with an argument and threats, but I've got to stand my ground or I might lose my mind.
Speaking of big girl undies.  This is a frequent discovery in my house.  It either means she's been raptured without me or there's a naked toddler somewhere in my house.
 Also, she has recently witnessed several friends nursing their new babies so she's all kinds of intrigued about the whole babies-eat-milk-from-their-mommies'-boobs thing.  She started asking me if I have milk in my boobs.  "Not anymore.  When you were a baby, I did and that's how you ate.  And when I have another baby, I'll have milk in my boobs again and that's how your little brother or sister will eat, too." I decided the frank discussion of this was appropriate for her age and understanding.  That decision, however has come back to bite me.

Example 1: In Costco yesterday, I ran into a man who used to work at Heartland and he was talking to a couple who knows my family, but whom I have never met.  I introduced myself to the couple, introduced Lila, and the man I knew commented on how big Lila was getting.  At this point, Lila interjected, "And my mommy needs to get more milk in her boobs."  Nice to meet you.  I'll be going now.

Example 2: After we left Costco, I told Lila in the car on the way home that it wasn't polite to talk about Mommy's boobs to other people - only in our house.  That evening we had my cousin and her husband over for dinner and mid-way through dinner Lila asked me loudly, "Mommy, can I talk about your boobs now?"  My cousin burst into a fit of giggles, her husband guffawed and I proceeded to explain Example 1 to them.  Her timing is impeccable.

2. We met the Husband at the Cow Restaurant (aka, Chick-fil-a) for lunch today and there was a mom battling her tantrum-ing child in the play place.  It was one of those awkward situations where we could tell she was aware that her parenting choices were on display at that moment so I made sure to tell her as she was walking out that she was doing a great job.  Because she was.  Next time you see me battling a Lila tantrum, remind me that I'm doing a great job, okay?  I think that would make me feel better.

3. I've lived in my house for 6 years and I just "discovered" a park within walking distance.  Up until today, I thought the only "park" close enough to walk to was the playground at the neighborhood school.  I had actually been told it was there, but it's kind of tucked away among some dead-end streets so I never drive past it.  It's a sweet little park.  We'll be going there more often.  The longer I live in this neighborhood, the more I love it.  We can walk to the grocery store, farmer's market, neighborhood pool, our school, our favorite doughnut place, an ice cream shop (actually, it's custard), and now a PARK!  The only other thing I'd like closer is a library.  Maybe there's a hidden library somewhere, too!

4. Words Lila says wrong right now that I love:
tennis shoes = shoesy-shoes
excited/exciting = excigaded/excigading
slippers = flippers
bottom = bah-dun

Flippers. Lila took this picture.
She also says, "What you say?" about 1000 times a day.  It's Lila-speak for I didn't hear you/wasn't listening/didn't understand you because you used words I don't know.  The Husband dubbed it the single cutest AND most annoying thing she says right now.  It IS really cute.  The first 101 times.  The other 899 times I kind of want to put my face in her face and yell "NEVERMIND!" But she'd probably retort with, "What you say?"

5. I just realized that I forgot to brush my teeth this morning.  I have been interacting in public for 8 hours with stinky morning breath.  I hope no one noticed.
5a) I should get up and brush my teeth now.  But I think I'll take a nap instead.

Bonus: When I typed the title I accidentally typed 5 thinks instead of things.  Now I've got Oh the Thinks You Can Think stuck in my head.  Think left and think right, think low and think high. Oh the thinks you can think up if only you try!

Happy Friday, everyone!


Nancy said...

I am sure great grandma has throughky enjoyed these last two posts, right down her alley! Good entertaining writing kelsey!

amy said...

Can we talk about your boobs more? I'm with Lila. That is very entertaining.

Dana Butler said...

Haha! Mommy needs to get more milk in her boobs! Oh man... can't wait till a few months down the road to see what kinds of embarrassing things Isaac says in public. PS - I need to see you soon. I have a bed rail for you. :) I'll be home tomorrow pm.