Monday, September 17, 2012

big girl bed update

Night one was a success!  Lila fell asleep quickly and slept all night!  She did wake up a bit earlier than usual, but I was so proud of her that I forgave her (I am NOT a morning person).  She followed the rules and waited for me to come get her out of bed.  Actually, I got her out of bed and then she asked if I would put her back into bed so she could get out by herself - I suppose that is one of the perks of the big girl bed!

Nap time went great again today, too.  She slept two hours and called for me when she woke up.


She's currently asleep in her crib.

She chose her new bed initially and gave it a good go tonight, but she freaked out every time I tried to leave the room.  Finally I said, "Do you want to sleep in your crib tonight?"

"Yes!" she said in a relieved voice.

Half of me wondered if I should have pushed her a little more to try to fall asleep in the new bed.  But the louder, more emotional and persuasive half was so relieved that she's still a little bit of a Baby Girl.

That loud, emotional and persuasive part of me is sighing a big sigh of relief tonight.

It was all moving a little too fast for my tastes!

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Dana Butler said...

ahhhh... I feel ya. cool that you went with your gut. :)