Wednesday, September 5, 2012

first day of school

Today was my first day back to school and therefore Lila's first day back to school.  She was beyond thrilled.

"And my friends will be there and I will play with them!" she told me when I was getting her dressed this morning.

I've had my eye on this cute little hippo lunch box at Target the last few weeks and I've been waiting for the price to drop to a reasonable amount to pay for a lunch box that she really doesn't need.  My patience was rewarded when I found that it was 50% off, so I snuck out last night after she was in bed and bought it to surprise her.
hippo face

I tried to walk the line between making her wear a perfect first day of school outfit and still allowing her to feel like she had some choice in the matter.  In the end, she used her master negotiating skills and talked me into the butterfly shirt and the sparkly skirt - neither of which were in the first round of choices I gave her.  At least they matched, which is more than I can say for her usual outfits.

I tried and failed to get a perfect first day of school picture.  Too wiggly, too ornery, too cheesy.  The result was perfectly imperfect.  Which is to say, perfectly Lila.
I'm not entirely sure why she's arm-less in this one
Then, I tried to get her to let me take a picture of her with her teachers this morning, but she wasn't having it.  This was as close as I got:
...blurry, frowning and no where near her teachers.  You can just hear the word, "Nooooooooo!" whining out of her mouth.  Enough with the camera, Mom.  Don't you have a job to get to?

My day was a blur of activity.  I hardly know what happened.  But I survived and so did my students and that's what counts!  The first day is always a little nutty as I establish the expectations of my classroom and try to find that oh-so-thin boundary between "I mean business and you won't get away with that" disciplinarian and "You'll have fun here and don't need to cry" nice first grade teacher.

I came home utterly exhausted and wondering (as I'm prone to do every evening after the first day of school) why I ever considered teaching full time when this one day a week gig sufficiently wears me and my little introverted self out.  After Lila fell asleep (at 7:15 (!) - unheard of for my little night owl, but she didn't get a nap today) I flopped on the bed and said to the Husband, "I miss summer."

He was unsympathetic.  Which I suppose is fair considering he works really hard every day, all day with no summer vacation while my job allows me to take a nap when if Lila naps and potentially stay in my pajamas all day if I see fit.   Which I do.  Tomorrow.

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Katy said...

I love her outfit and her cute hippo bag!! I can see the word NO, coming right out of her mouth, so cute!