Wednesday, September 19, 2012

first grade quotes

My day at school today was hilarious.  My fellow teacher, Heather said that the things that happened in my classroom were the stuff of movies.

Just a few:
- one of my kids (who kind of reminds me of the kid from the Goonies) had a collision on the playground with a 3rd grader and he kept correcting me that he didn't hit his head, "Actually it was my cheek."  Apparently the cheek is not part of the head.

- same kid accidentally ate his lunch at snack time and when I announced that we were having lunch next he exclaimed excitedly, "We're having another lunch!?" (Heather called him a hobbit. "What about second breakfast?...What about elevenses? Luncheon? Afternoon tea? Dinner? Supper?")

- and when I offered this same student a PB&J sandwich for lunch, he said, "Hmm, I'd rather have a graham cracker and peanut butter sandwich." To which I responded that we didn't have graham crackers.  "You don't have graham crackers?!?" he said, incredulously.  As if such a thing were unheard of.

- and finally, this same kid (I know, he'd be the star of the movie, I think) interrupted Heather's suggestion that maybe he could just have a granola bar with, "I think my original idea was better."  Choking down laughter she said, "And what was that?"  "The sandwich idea," he said simply.

- a different kid (finally), we'll call him Denis, yelled down the hall while I was talking to another teacher, "Mrs. Kautzi! I need help opening my yooooogurrrrrrtttttt!" His tone of voice suggested a state of emergency.  Yogurt emergencies are the worst.

- another kid was accidentally swiped by a kite string (we flew kites today as a part of our weather unit) when one of our kites went rogue in the enthusiastic wind and got a small rope burn on her neck.  She milked that baby for all it was worth (and then some) and required an ice pack for over an hour.  I finally said, "You have to stop whining.  I think you are over-reacting."  After which she pouted for ten minutes.  I clearly did not appreciate the severity of her wound.

- also while flying kites, I yelled to a student to avoid the tree.  When he turned to yell, "WHAT?" back to me, he turned just wrong enough that the kite got tangled in the tree branches.  Oh, the irony.

- at recess, a student came up to me and announced excitedly, "I have a new friend and that dirt over there is our club house!" Is there anything sadder than a dirt pile as a club house?

- one of my students' mom is in the hospital on bed rest until her baby is due and his little sister (who is in Kindergarten) was having a hard day today.  I asked her if a hug from her big brother would make her feel better and she nodded.  I brought Big Brother down to the office and she fell into him and wrapped her tiny little arms around his waist.  He stood there, awkwardly with one arm limp at his side and the other arm gingerly patting her shoulder.  It was very first grade boy of him.  But it still kind of made me tear up, it was such a tender moment.  It made me desperate for a sibling for Lila.  No child should have to endure the scary things in life alone.  And it kind of made me wish Lila had a big brother.

I have a feeling this class will necessitate a quote book.

Speaking of quote books.  I've got one to add to the Unofficial Lila quote book:

Lila befriended a kid in the booth behind us at the restaurant (by the way, hilarious days like today tend to also be the more exhausting days and thus require dinner at my new favorite place.)  He asked her name and she told him.  She asked his.  Then she asked his mommy's name and his daddy's name and his grandma's name and his dog's name.  Then she told him, "My mommy's name is Kelsey and my daddy's name is Husband."

The Husband and I laughed until we had tears streaming down our heads - I mean, our cheeks.  You may not know that I actually call Eric "Husband" in real life (not just blog life I mean) as a term of endearment.  Lila evidently thinks this is his name.  Hilarious.

By the way, she's still sleeping in her crib.  I'll give it a week or two and then try to persuade her again. I'm in no rush.

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for some reason, my reader didn't update with your new posts until they were 7 deep. ???.
These are great, definitely brightened my day :)