Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Linking up and our annual Minneapolis trip

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Also, here's a quick photo update of our weekend in Minnesota:

Baby Henri obeyed my instructions to come before we left for Minneapolis and we stopped in on our way out of town to kiss his cheeks.
Lila loves holding babies.
Friday we wasted no time visiting our favorite pizza place in the Twin Cities, Davonnis.  It's really just a chain pizza place, but it's delicious and we crave it when we're home.

We also took Lila to the Mall of America on Friday, thinking she'd be too little to ride any of the rides, but she was just tall enough so we splurged and let her ride a few.  The favorite was the toddler version of  the Detonator.
Mine's the one without shoes.  Figures.
And here's a minute of the fun if you want to watch a video.  About ten seconds in, Lila initiates some counting cheers with each bounce.  She's a born leader, what can I say.

We stayed with our friend Bonnie's sister and her hubby.  They were so gracious to us and we had their entire basement to take over.  It was a perfect set up for us and we are so grateful!  Friday afternoon, Bonnie and Tim stopped by with Baby Tad and I flirted with him while Lila napped.

Friday night, we had dinner with friends at our friend Stephie's house.  Lila loved Stephie's dog, Chako, and they were equally matched energy-wise.

Saturday we met my aunts and grandma for lunch at Lake Harriet.  Lila was in hog heaven and made friends with a bunch of little girls at the playground.  I forgot to take pictures, though.  Dang!

Saturday night we got together with my college roomies, Bonnie and Lindsey, the only two of the seven of us left in Minneapolis - everyone else has moved away.  Boo.  But those two have really cute babies so it was a fun reunion.
Tad was putting the moves on Hazel.
I love that Hazel baby.  She sounds like a little kitty when she cries.  It's the cutest thing.
Did you know it's impossible to get a good picture when children are involved?  Not sure what Lila's doing there.

Sunday we went to Mill City Church where my friend Stephie is a pastor.  They are being trained/discipled by the same organization that the Gathering is being trained by - 3DM.  It was so encouraging to see another congregation using the same language and tools as we are.  I think we'll learn a lot from the way their church is implementing some of the tools 3DM offers.  If you are looking for a church in Minneapolis, check out Mill City.  We loved it and their child care team is seriously gifted.  Lila is usually shy about new places, but she was ran into the classroom without looking back and had a blast.

Sunday afternoon, we made trip 1 of 2 to Ikea.  We bought Lila's big girl bed - I'm sure I'll write a post about that when it actually happens - and several things for friends who had put in requests.
Lila tested out all the beds.  I'm not sure that's allowed, but there you go.
Then we picked my grandma up and took her to dinner at her favorite place.  Again, I forgot to take pictures.  Ack.
Lila earned herself a cookie which she refused to share.
Monday we met Bonnie, Tim and Tad for breakfast at Sunstreet Breads.  I had the yummiest sourdough flapjacks.  My mouth is watering, just thinking about them.

Then we headed back to Ikea for trip number two to pick up a few things we didn't have time to get the night before.

It took some creative packing to get everything in the car, but we the Husband did it!  And just like that, we were on our way home! 

Lila found ways to entertain herself in the car.

And I entertained myself taking pictures to send to my friend, Holly so she wouldn't forget what I look like.
unfortunately, I look like I've been in the car for 6 hours.
 And taking pictures of the Husband and his awesome sunglasses.  He's getting his money's worth out of those puppies.  They've been superglued at least ten times, but the side fell off again on the way home and Eric decided they were done.
RIP sunglasses.  You had a good run.
Lila did reasonably well for having no nap two days in a row, lots of late nights and coming down with a cold the last two days.  She kind of lost it after we stopped in Des Moines to see some friends on the way home and cried for about 30 minutes because she wanted me to hold her.  Poor girl.  She's such a trooper and sometimes I take for granted how well she can function on little sleep and in new environments.  In hindsight, we may have pushed her too much.  We'll be laying low this week and helping her recover.

Thanks to all of our friends and family who made time for us this weekend.  We love you guys and this annual trip is always one of the highlights of our year!

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Dana Butler said...

Stan got a new job and has to go to Minneapolis for 2 weeks for training. Gonna tell him to check out that pizza place. :) xo