Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Purple Song and Donuts

Tonight as I was tucking Lila in for bed, I asked her what song she wanted me to sing.

Lila: Sing the Purple Song.

Me: I don't know that song.

Lila: You want me to sing it for you?

Me: Sure.

Lila: whispering. Purr-plllle.

Me: laughing. Is that the whole song?

Lila: Yeah. You want me to sing it louder?  singing loudly, PURRRR-PLLLLLLLLE!

Me: laughing harder.  That's a great song.

The tune of the song kind of sounds like a doorbell, just in case you were wondering.

So, Lila is going on night five of sleeping in her big girl bed.  I don't want to jinx it, but I think we're really doing it this time.

Night three, she decided she wanted to sleep in her crib again, but I encouraged bribed her to sleep in her big girl bed by telling her we could get donuts the next morning if she stayed in her bed all night.  I'm not above a well-timed bribe.  Also, I wanted donuts.  So Saturday morning, we got donuts at our favorite place.

I think she was enjoying it.

Daddy enjoyed his favorite applesauce donut.  I had chocolate glazed. Yummy.
And then she scowled at me for taking too many pictures of her.
She's such a big girl.  Also, she has her first cold of the school year so she's a real grump.  A grumpy big girl.  Yay!


Dana Butler said...

Oooh yay Lila! :) And YUM! And I love the purple song!

Holly said...

Oh, love that Lila! And The Purple Song sounds like a hit, for sure!!