Thursday, November 29, 2012

5 Things

1. Tomorrow is the last day to buy raffle tickets for our American Girl Doll raffle!  We've sold 63 tickets so far so the odds are still pretty good!  I kind of had an unofficial goal of making $500 from the raffle and right now we are netting $375 (that's after the cost of the doll).  If five more people purchase three tickets for $25 we'll meet our goal!  Also, if you would rather put the cost of the doll ($105 plus tax/shipping) toward accessories or clothes for a doll your little girl already has or Bitty Babies ($50 each) or Bitty Twins ($105 for two or $65 for one), I'm totally cool with that!  If when you win, I'll contact you and you can let me know how you want to spend the moo-lah!
You can choose any combination of the two dolls for the Bitty Twins: black, white, asian, hispanic, boy girl, blond, brunette, etc.
Bitty Babies also come in different races, hair/eye colors.  This one is a red-head!

2. I got a haircut today (my first in over a year - I was WAY overdue - but who can fork over that kind of money when there are babies to save up for!?) and Lila cried when I came home. "I want your hair LONG!  Cut it LONG!"  I actually was sort of anticipating that reaction because she's kind of a micro-manager when it comes to my hair.  She doesn't like it when I wear it up.  "Mommy, I want your hair down!"  Not sure what that's all about.

3. Yesterday, the Husband camped out at the grand opening of the new Chick-fil-a by our house!  He made it in the First 100 and won us Chick-fil-a for a year (52 meal coupons)!  His friends who were going to camp out with him bailed at the last minute so I was worried he'd be lonely, but it turns out there were several families from Mission Adelante, a local ministry that supports the hispanic community and Bhutanese refugees in Kansas City, KS.  We have several friends who work for Mission Adelante and one of them was there with some other families and they invited the Husband to join them.  I was relieved for him that he had a group to hang out with since Lila and I couldn't be there because of school.  We did come by after school to visit and have dinner and Lila got to run around with her new boyfriend, Luke.  When it was time to go, she tilted her head toward her shoulder and said coyly, "Bye, Luke!"  Where does she learn this stuff!?  We're in trouble.

First 100 Tents
Eric's Chick-fil-a Campout Family
4. I know I promised a post about our next fundraiser, so I'll post that at the beginning of next week.  Here's another sneak peek:

5. I've been finding all kinds of little surprises after Lila has been in a bout of imaginative play.  For instance, one day I couldn't find my shoes until I spotted them on the green chair:
They were filled to the brim with Sesame Street guys.
 And we have started decorating for Christmas and Baby Jesus and Those Guys are back with a few new friends:
Lucille Ball was at the birth of Jesus, right?
Well that's all for now!  We'll announce the winner of the American Girl Doll raffle on Saturday so check back in then to see who won!  Good luck!

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Totschies said...

Ruby put her sesame street guys in my shoes too , ha. Glad you are all feeling better!