Thursday, November 1, 2012

American Girl Doll Fundraiser - Round Two!

So the news is out: we're adopting from Ethiopia AND China!  Our Chinese baby will hopefully be home within the year and we are already hard at work on our new home study paperwork!  With that quick timeline comes a need for some big-time fundraising!  You'll notice I updated the fundraising thermometer to reflect our current need for our Chinese adoption.  The next fee for our Ethiopian adoption is a $400 update to our home study which we will actually do now since we are already doing a home study for China, but other than that we won't have any more fees for our Ethiopian adoption until we get our referral in a few years.  We had close to $3,000 saved/raised toward our referral which will go to pay our initial fees for this adoption which just so happen to be...$3,000.

Isn't that convenient?  It might sound cheesy, but as I was adding up what we needed right off the bat and realized it was exactly the amount we have ready to go, it felt like it was this little whisper from God saying, "I'm faithful.  I'm with you.  I'm ready to do immeasurably more than you could ask or imagine!"  Thank you, Lord for that small voice that brought peace to my heart and mind today!

Our next fees will be big ones.  Here is a screenshot from the paperwork our agency sent us:

Payment #1 and #2 are included in the breakdown I just shared.  And since we are adopting a waiting child, payments #3 and #4 will probably come back-to-back.  But for now, we'll focus on #3 as our next goal, just to make it seem more manageable, so that's what the new thermometer reflects.

We had been taking a break from fundraising as we figured out where in the world our next child is, but now that we have a plan in motion, we're ready to kick back into gear!  So here's our first fundraiser (of this adoption at least!  It's actually our fifth fundraiser - puzzle, t-shirts, garage sale, and last year's American Girl Doll raffle.  By the way, we still have many t-shirts and puzzle pieces left to buy or sponsor so check out those links!)  We decided that last year's raffle for an American Girl Doll was such a success that we wanted to do it again!  And I'm so excited that there is an Chinese American Girl Doll, Ivy!

 Last year, our raffle was so successful that we ended up giving away two dolls to two lucky little ladies:
The winners actually ended up sharing their dolls with their sisters so there were two dolls, but FIVE happy girls!

So this year we'll be doing the raffle the exact same way.   Here are the details:

  • We will be giving away one* American Girl Doll of YOUR CHOICE to one* lucky winner! *If we sell more than 150 virtual tickets, we'll add a 2nd doll so there will be TWO lucky winners! 
  • The giveaway is open for the month of November (November 1st - November 30th).  The winner(s) will be announced Saturday December 1st - perfect timing for a Christmas gift for your favorite little girl in your life.
Here's how it works:
  • Purchase a virtual raffle ticket by clicking on the PayPal button on the right that says "American Girl Raffle."  Important: Please indicate your contact information in the notes section so we can find you if when you win.
  • Each donation of $10 buys you 1 virtual raffle ticket.  A donation of $25 buys you 3 virtual raffle tickets.
  • Once your donation posts via PayPal, you will receive an email with your virtual raffle ticket number.  **Note, I will send the virtual raffle ticket to the email address associated with your PayPal account unless you indicate otherwise.** It will look like this: 
  • The winner will be selected using and announced here on this blog.
  • If you are the lucky winner, I will contact you via email to find out which doll you would like.  I will order and ship her to you through the American Girl online store (dolls can only be shipped within the 50 states - see their shipping policies here).  Or, if you are a Kansas City local, we can arrange for you to pick out your doll in person at the American Girl store at Oak Park Mall.
**We reserve the right to refund your donation and cancel the giveaway if we do not sell at least enough entries to cover the cost of the doll.** UPDATE: It's on! We have enough entries to cover the cost of the doll!  Every subsequent entry will go directly into our adoption fund!  Thank you and keep 'em coming!

We are so excited to host this giveaway again!  American Girl Dolls are pricey ($100+), but the chance to win one for $10 or $25 is a great deal!  Plus, of course, you're helping us MAKE WAY for our sweet Chinese baby.  And for that, we are so grateful!

So click on over to that PayPal button and let's get this raffle rollin'!

P.S. You can see all of your doll options here.

P.P.S. Please blog, email, link, tweet, facebook this giveaway!  Help us spread the word! We appreciate it!

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Rachel Pehl said...

God bless you guys! We wanted to do a concurrent adoption but did not qualify for anywhere but Ethiopia because we have only been married for a few years. We ended up switching adoption agencies to one that had really short referral times. We will be praying for your process. How exiting!