Saturday, November 17, 2012


I had a migraine this morning so the awesome Husband took Lila on a few errands and then they played outside for a bit.  Around nap time, I heard her crying outside and he came in a few seconds later holding her.  She was saying something unintelligible through her tears.  I could hear him trying to guess what she was saying, "You want your shoes off?  You want what?"

She kept repeating it, getting more and more worked up with the combination of not being understood and not being given whatever it was that she wanted.  And finally, from the other room, I figured out what she was saying, "She wants her seashells!" I yelled from the bedroom.

Husband to Lila: You want your seashells?
Lila: (wailing) Yeaaaaahhhhhhhh.
Husband: Okay, go sit with Mommy and I'll get your seashells.

She came in to the bedroom and, sniffling, crawled into bed with me while the Husband went to get her seashells.  He came in with an amused my-kid-is-so-cute grin on his face, holding a paper towel with something on it.

At first she didn't want me to see it.  "You can't have them," she told me.

"I just want to see them, can you show me?"

Finally, she acquiesced and showed me her "seashells."

My heart just about exploded with the cuteness.

"Lila, you're the best," I said, squeezing her.

Oh, to be (almost) three and see seashells in acorns, an ocean's beach in the front yard in our land-locked state.

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Dana Butler said...

oooh, she is awesome. :) love this.