Thursday, November 15, 2012

Surgery Day for Emmaus

UPDATE from Laurisa around 3:00pm: Emmaus made it out of surgery and is in recovery.  She did very well!  They were told Em might need blood and she and Dan were going to get to see her soon.  Keep praying for a full and quick recovery!
Emmaus' surgery is at 10:00am today.  Please pray for the Ballews as they endure four hours of waiting and then begin the post-surgery wait to see how Em recovers.

Pray for:
- A safe and effective surgery
- That the ping-pong-ball-sized tumor would be removed completely and cleanly
- That Emmaus would respond well to the anesthesia
- That the surgeon's hand would be steady and his mind alert
- That Dan and Laurisa would feel at peace as they wait and be sufficiently distracted as the time passes
- That their friends and family who are with them in St. Louis would be intuitive about Dan and Laurisa's needs
- That the results from the surgery would be seizure freedom and development catch-up

For 18 month we have prayed for this sweet girl.  When Lila was about Emmaus' age, Lila's prayer for her friend was, "Baby 'Maus, all better."  We are praying that prayer again today.   Jesus, Jehovah Rapha, God the Healer, please make Baby Emmaus all better.

Check in with Laurisa's blog for updates:


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Praying for this sweet baby!!