Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving and other stuff

A quick note: Only four more days left to enter our American Girl Doll raffle!  We have only sold 45 tickets so far so your odds are good - especially if you purchase more than one ticket!  For more info, click on that cute little American Girl Doll on the right or click here.

I'm a little late on our Thanksgiving post, but it's because our Thanksgiving plans were thwarted by a sick kid.  So instead of enjoying four kinds of potatoes, we were giving thanks in our PJs:
- for an uncle who is a doctor and who graciously squeezed us into his already jam-packed schedule
- for the Husband's sweet mom who brought us leftovers
- for the fact that fevers and runny noses are the worst of our concerns when it comes to our daughter's health (especially in light of dear Emmaus' brain surgery - she's been seizure free since the surgery(!), but they are worried about some swelling, so keep her in your prayers)
- for an illness that coincided with the Husband's holiday time off so he could help care for the sick one and her mama who, after being sneezed, snotted, coughed and drooled on, of course came down with the same bug.
sweet sick girl.  how can someone be so pretty when they're sick?
Because we got sick over the holiday (and because I have an awesome Husband), I got to lay in bed for two days straight which I think is directly linked to the fact that I'm already feeling much better.  I'm thankful for the Husband who abandoned his to-do list to take care of his girls this weekend.  Also, I'm thankful for Mucinex.  Good bless Mucinex!

Thankfully, Lila has almost completely recovered and she's been an absolute delight.  I don't know if she's especially cheerful because she is so glad to be feeling better or if I just forgot what she is like when she's well.  But she's been so sweet and compliant and hilarious and cute the last two days I can hardly stand it.  (Not that she's all sweet and no sass.  I did overhear her tell the Husband, "NO! Princesses don't wear jeans!" when he was trying to get her dressed.  She has a fair point, though.)

My dad picked her up today for some play time so I could make a good dent in our home study paperwork (which sat untouched for an entire week because of the aforementioned sick kiddo).  She was positively giddy to be having a date with her Pop and I watched out the window as my big girl skipped to the car.  I can't believe she's almost three.  Boo.

Anyway, thanks to some kid-free errands, I was able to put a ton of checkmarks next to our crazy-long list at the end of the day:

We're making good progress.  It's much easier this time around.  And I am not nearly as overwhelmed with the home study paperwork as I was last year so I am actually being proactive about our dossier documents, too as there are some things that we can use for both.  Last year I couldn't bear to look past the mound of paperwork in front of me to even process what the dossier would require and I ended up having to ask people to re-write things that they could have just made a copy of the first time around.

Not to say that we'll avoid all hang-ups.  I'm already a little concerned that my fingerprints will be rejected for the criminal background check because the guy who took them couldn't get the machine to accept my prints.  He told me my hands were too soft and I should rub them on the carpet for 30 seconds each day to roughen them up.  Thanks, Fingerprint Man.  I'll go back in time and do that for ya.  It may sound minor, but we'd love prayer that the Great and Powerful Fingerprint Readers would accept my too-soft fingers' prints because a rejection could add several weeks of delay to our home study process which could end up delaying our dossier.  Of course, we have until April, but you never know what hiccups you'll run into and I'd like to be done with paperwork well before my 30th birthday so we can really focus on fundraising.

Speaking of fundraising, (see how I did that?) we have hit the 25% mark of our One of One Hundred Project!  That is so very exciting and it means that if all 25 people raise their $300, we'll have $7500!  If you have watched our thermometer on the right, you can see that some of the pledges have already started to come in!

Some friends are selling things on Craigslist to raise their $300 pledge and I told them I'd link to their stuff here to see if any of you are interested:

A bunch of home decor stuff (wreaths, frames, clock, candles, etc)
Black Old Navy Coat and gloves
Gap Ski Coat

Check out their listings and spread the word if you know anyone who might be interested.  And if anyone else is doing some creative fundraising, let me know and I'll link to it or at least write about it here!  Thank you to everyone who has pledged to be One of One Hundred.  We are so grateful!  

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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