Monday, December 31, 2012

December catch-up #4: Lila's Birthday

This year for Lila's birthday, we continued the birthday traditions from the last two years and we started a new one!  We started Lila's birthday with our annual trip to get birthday donuts.  (View last year's video here to see just how small she was last year!) 

Hey, Richard Dreyfuss! What are you doing photo-bombing at John's Space Age?

Then we went to see Santa.  Last year we didn't have to wait at all because we went on a weekday.  This year, Lila's birthday fell on a Sunday so there was quite the line, but they gave us a card with a time to come back to the line and there was a free carousel to ride while we waited and some other activities so it wasn't bad at all.  Lila, Lambie and Mommy rode the carousel (it was veerrrrryyyy slllloooooowww):
And soon enough, it was our turn to wait for Santa.  Lila watched as the kids in front of us sat on his lap:
 Before I unveil this year's picture, let me jog your memory of the last two years:
1 year old: terrified

2 years old: nervous trepidation

Oh how I love the first year's picture.  How perfect is that look of terror on Lila's face?  Classic.  This year, when it was her turn, she flat out refused to sit on his lap, so this was our "Lila with Santa" picture for the year.  One can only imagine what her level of cooperation will be next year.  This may be a very short-lived birthday tradition.

After Santa, we took Lila to Fritz's which we hope will be a new fun birthday tradition.  For you non-Kansas Citians, Fritz's is a greasy burger joint where the schtick is that trains bring you your food.  Tracks run the perimeter of the restaurant and the train stops at each booth to drop your food on a platform that lowers down to your table.  Lila was enthralled.  So was her daddy.

Such a good-looking pair.  My favorites.
After lunch, we took Lila home for a much-needed nap and spent the rest of the night playing at home. It was a fun day for my big three-year-old.  I can hardly believe she's three.

Here's her year three video that her awesome Daddy made her.  (Click here to see last year's video.)

Our December catch-up continues tomorrow with a recap of Christmas celebrations.  See you then!

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