Friday, December 28, 2012

December update #2: Lila's Family Birthday Party

As I said, we opted to scrap the open house party we've had the last two years in favor of a family party and a friend party for Lila since she actually has friends now that she's so big.  We also opted to spread out Lila's parties over the course of a few weeks which I'm not sure was a good move.  On one hand, it spread out the craziness, but on the other hand it sort of turned December into the month of Lila which, let's face it, probably isn't great for the kid's self-perception.  I'm hoping by the time she's nine, I'll have figured out how to do her close-to-Christmas birthday in a way that makes her feel celebrated while also not making her think she's the center of the universe.

So, December 4th my parents hosted Lila's family party.  We chose December 4th in part because it was one of the few days off my mom had from her new job, and then her job switched up her schedule without warning and she ended up having to work.  And to make matters worse, she got off almost four hours late.  She was so sad and I was so mad at her stupid job.  Boo!

But despite that hiccup, it was still a fun night.  When Lila saw the presents she said, "Can I help open those?" and then was delighted when I told her she got to open all of them because they were all for her!  

She had some enthusiastic helpers:
Cousins RJ and Addison
 And then she had the most giant cupcake and ate the entire thing:
All rules go out the window on your birthday.
Lila got awesome gifts!  The Husband built Lila a stage (you can see it hiding under the blanket in that first picture) and Nana gave her a microphone.  Her cousins made her a tutu and her other cousins gave her some fun dress-up clothes - all of which Lila put to immediate use:
You may have also noticed the Abby Cadabby slippers Aunt Jess gave Lila.  Those were inspired by a conversation Lila had with the Husband a few weeks earlier.  Eric had asked Lila what she wanted for Christmas and her answer was, "Slippers that fit me."  She had been trying to wear her slippers from the year before and they were too small.  I kind of loved the simplicity of that request.  Aunt Jess (and Uncle Kyle) got her those slippers and a really fun, twirly princess nightgown.

My parents got her a cowgirl hat and pink sparkly cowgirl boots (which have been a clothing staple ever since) and my grandparents got her a Bitty Toddler doll that looks like her who Lila named "Lucy" after her friend, Lucy.  I l-o-v-e-d my American Girl doll (still have her and plan on giving her to Lila for a future birthday) so I was so excited for Lila to get her first American Girl doll.  The Bitty Toddler dolls is perfect for her because it's still soft like the Bitty Baby, but it has cute hair and looks like Lila!
She wanted Pop to pose with her for this picture.
 The gifts were such a hit that the next morning, she immediately put on her cowgirl boots and hat and found her baby doll as soon as she woke up.  She walked into our bedroom like this:

I was pleased with the creativity of the gifts - all encouraged imaginative play and creative expression and none of them felt like just stuff for the sake of stuff.

And they all have been played with often since her party:
I love the rock star stance here.  And the outfit.  Who needs pants, anyway?

Buddies Lucy and Oliver came to visit and tried out the stage.  I love the look on Oliver's face.
Baby Lucy taking a nap
That weekend, we had our annual family pictures taken.  Lila was not all that enthusiastic about the pictures initially because we had to wake her up from her nap to go get our pictures taken.  But with a small bribe (bribery = valid parenting tool), we talked her into a better mood and she did really well for the most part.  Toward the end she kind of lost her steam:

We hope to be able to share some of the photos soon!  In the meantime, check in soon for December update #3: Lila's Friend Party!

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