Saturday, December 29, 2012

December Update #3: Lila's Friend Party

I have been dying to share the party favors for this year's party, but I wanted them to be a surprise for her guests (or really more for her guests' mommies!) so I didn't want to share them until after her party!  

We had a small friend birthday party for a few of her buddies.  I asked Lila what kind of party she wanted and she kept saying, "A Minnie Mouse party."  Which baffled me because her only exposure Mickey and Minnie Mouse is a water bottle her Nana gave her last year so I'm not sure what she meant by that.  I opted to give her a few suggestions so I thought about what she was playing with the most and I suggested a Mommy-Baby party to which she replied enthusiastically, "Yeah! Yay! Yippee!"

So a Mommy-Baby party it was!  We limited invites to her friends we play with the most and had a total of 8 girls invited.  I created this little invite and had 4X6 prints made at Costco so I spent about $2.00 on the invite plus postage.
I also created this little Thank You with the same design:

(Email me at makewayfortheawesomekid (at) gmail (dot) com if you would like me to create a custom invitation or holiday card - I'm running a new client sale $10 for a custom design with a free Thank You version.  I'll send you a jpeg in whatever size you want and you can have them printed at your favorite photo printer.  100% of sales go in our adoption fund!)

The party was a hit!  My parents hosted again (our little house would have been a bit crowded with so many little girls and their parents).   I brought all of our doll beds and strollers and tables, etc and bought size 1 diapers for them to use to change their babies' diapers.  The girls played with their dollies for a bit and then we played a pin-the-bink-on-the-baby game that my mom made:
She's talented, no?
I will admit, there were some tears involved.  Apparently some children didn't understand the concept of the game.  There was also some blatant cheating (ahem, Layla Adams), but what can you expect from 2-5 year olds?  In the end, the girls were more interested in taping the paper binks to their babies' mouths which was just as well.

We tried a group pic, but you know how that goes when there are multiple children involved (we were sad that Ruby and Afsana couldn't come):
From left to right: Emmaus, Camille, Lila, Mira, Layla, Emri and Josie

 And then it really fell apart:

Ah, memories.

I spent the weeks leading up to the party working on the party favors.  I hand-stiched each little girl's name on little pink purses and I made little mommy and baby finger puppets for each of the girls.  I made the finger puppets to look like each of the little girls and asked the girls' mommies what their daughters' favorite colors are and made the dresses out of that color.  I was so proud of how they turned out!

From top left: Afsana, Emri, Emmaus, Ruby, Layla, Camille, Mira (I hadn't made Josie's yet)

We are so grateful for the friends Lila has in her life!  Both Afsana's and Camille's Mommies have been my friends since elementary school and I can't tell you what it does to my heart that our daughters are now friends!  Maybe some of these girls will be celebrating their daughters' birthdays together in a couple of decades!

Tomorrow I'll share about Lila's actual birthday.  Hope you'll stop by!

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Holly said...

The handmade dolls and bags! The super cute baby game! All the sweet little ones playing together :) I missed the best party ever! Love the pictures :)