Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 recap and never-before-seen pictures

I thought I'd give a quick recap of the main events of each month of 2012 and add a never-before-seen picture from each month.

We had our very last document state certified which put the finishing touches on our dossier for our Ethiopian adoption.  We rejoiced that it was out of our hands and on the way to our agency.
We got a king-size bed last January after saving up for several years (we kept having to spend our savings on other not as fun things like sewer lines and car engines).  Our friends had given us a set of really cool twin mid-century beds that the Husband jimmy-rigged to be a king headboard and footboard.  A year later, they're still going strong and looking awesome!

We officially became a waiting family and joined the waiting list at number 99!  We also found out that the referral wait would be closer to two years rather than the anticipated 7-10 months.  We celebrated 29 things we love about Lila - one for each day of the month. The Husband turned 29.
Lila and I met Aunt Jess at Starbucks on her birthday.  I love this picture of the two of them.

The Husband and I celebrated our 6th anniversary and we paid off my student loan which was the last of our non-mortgage debt!  We decided to try to get pregnant while we waited on our Ethiopia referral.
My friends from high school brought their little girls, Afsana and Eden, over to play one day and Lila insisted on "holding those babies."  It didn't last long, but she was in heaven.

We were devastated when our sweet friend, Matt died unexpectedly from a stroke he suffered while running a race with some friends.  His death will forever be one of those things in my mind that I just can't compute.  We started looking at waiting children lists in addition to trying to get pregnant.  I turned 29.
My Nanny (my mom's mom) came in town for Easter and she and Lila decorated Easter Eggs together.
We took our first family vacation to North Captiva Island in Florida.  We also had our first ER visit when Lila found a blue bead and thought, "Hmm, I wonder if this will fit in my nostril?"
We celebrated the last day of school with Jude's mommy and sisters by getting some ice cream after school.  Look at that cute couple. :)

We had our massive garage sale for our adoption and raised over $1200!  My iPhone was stolen, but our sweet friends generously offered to replace it.  We were and are so grateful!
This was Lila's hiding spot when we were playing hide-and-seek.  She operates under the assumption that if she can't see me, I can't see her.

We celebrated the 4th of July with the Husband's family.  The manager at Chick-fil-a made me cry when she was less than diplomatic with me, and then I realized I was actually crying because I was so disappointed about not being pregnant.
A rare snuggle moment with Daddy.

Lila was a flower girl in our friend Mallory's wedding, we still weren't pregnant, and Lila potty-trained!
The Husband's aunt asked us if we wanted an old school desk she was getting rid of.  We said yes, not knowing how cool it was!  What a fun surprise when the Husband picked it up and it was such a good fit for our house's decor!
We took our annual trip to Minnesota, Lila got a big girl bed, I started my 8th year of teaching, we took part in the Walk for TS in honor of our sweet friend Emmaus, I discovered a "hidden" park by our house, and the Husband and I had what we now call the "Could We/Should We" conversation - the first time we talked seriously about adopting a child with special needs.
One of our new dressers.  I got tired of compromising with our old mid-century not-actually-dressers (they were actually buffets) and through some Craigslist magic was able procure our awesome new mid-century bedroom set (two dressers and a night stand) for the same price we sold the beat-up buffets for!  I still can't believe our luck.  We love our new/old dressers!  Aren't they the coolest??
We found out that the referral wait for Ethiopia was now FOUR years and felt permission to seriously look into our other options.  Then, with joy, we announced our plans to adopt a child with special needs from China!
At school, Lila's teachers tell the kids to "put a marshmellow in your mouth" when they're about to walk in the hallway.  I took this photo when I ran into them one day and asked them where their marshmellows were!  That's our buddy, Emri making the silly face, Ellie is looking for Lila's marshmellow, Boyfriend Jude is in the back in the yellow shirt, and Lila's friend, Molly is next to Jude.
We jumped into paperwork and fundraisers for our new adoption, hosted our 2nd American Girl Doll fundraiser, launched our One of One Hundred project, visited our besties in Manhattan, the Husband camped out for the Chick-fil-a opening, we prayed for Emmaus as she underwent brain surgery to remove the tumor causing most of her seizures, and we gave thanks in our jammies due to us all being sick on Thanksgiving. Boo.
Playing in the leaves with Daddy
We opened our Etsy store as another fundraiser, Lila turned THREE, we had two birthday parties (family and friends), and were sick over Christmas. Double boo!
Lila enjoying her birthday cupcakes at school.
So that was our year!   Highs and lows.  Lots of sadness and lots of reasons to celebrate.  We hope to be doing a lot more celebrating in the year to come.  Tomorrow, I'll be back with a post about our hopes for 2013.  Thanks for reading, friends.

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