Thursday, January 31, 2013

28 Days of Lila: year 3!

In all the hullabaloo of telling our Faith story, I nearly forgot that January is coming to a close.  Which means next month is February.  Which means it's time for the third installment of...
Hooray!  So tomorrow we will begin our annual 28 Days of Lila!  For the last three years we have dedicated the month of February to this little tradition because we want to remember the little things about the stage she is in right now.  

I just spent about 45 minutes reading through last year's posts and it really sunk in how much Lila has grown up this year.  I am already loving the bitter-sweet look back at who she was and what she was doing each February of her life.

So for the next 28 days, we'll have a post a day sharing our favorite things about three-year-old Lila.  Like this outfit:

P.S. for a look back at the last two years click here: 28 Things to Love about Lila

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Sarah B said...

Hi! Super fun- and I kid you not, I had decided to do the same thing for Lily this month before even reading your blog! It will be fun to see all that Miss Lila is up to these days- saying prayers for you all-