Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bedtime battles

We've been having some bedtime battles with Lila as of late.  The craziness of this month with her birthday and Christmas doesn't help.  She's had enough stimulation and sugar to last her until next Christmas.  Our bedtime routine has been looking like this:

- the Husband gets her ready for bed while I get 10-20 minutes of much-needed introvert time
- I go in to do the final tuck, prayer, song, back-patting, hand-holding and whatever else she sweet-talks me into doing
- I leave the room and join the Husband in our room
- Lila calls for me for awhile
- When I don't answer, Lila calls for the Husband for awhile
- We hear her door open and some telltale sounds in the kitchen
- We discover her with a pillow from the couch and her Lambie, Snuggle and Birdie Blanket in the doorway between the kitchen and the laundry room (the laundry room leads to our room)
- We send her back to bed
- She manipulates one or both of us to pat her back, sing her another song, etc, etc
- We emerge from her room for the second time with a threat to put the child safety lock on her door if she gets out of bed again
- She gets out of bed again
- I get the safety lock
- I start to put it on her door knob
- She swears up and down that she'll stay in her bed
- I am a sucker
- She gets out of her bed
- I put the lock on her door
- She pounds on the door and cries for what feels like 10 minutes (but is really 30 seconds) while I feel like a bad mom for locking my kid in her room
- I open the door, she swears up and down that she'll stay in her bed
- I take the lock off the door
- She eventually falls asleep

As you can imagine, this routine gets old pretty quick.  We tried spanking, but she got to the point where she decided that the spank was worth stalling bedtime so I felt like I was spanking her needlessly and accomplishing nothing.

So one night, we decide to not intervene when we hear her come out of her room.  I just kind of wanted to see what would happen if we let it play out a bit differently than usual.  So, we stayed in our room and pretended like we don't know she was out there.  At one point, she opened the door to our room for a second - I'm not sure if she was just making sure we were in there or if she was trying to get us to come out and interact with her - and then closed it again.  We could hear her walking around a bit, but after a few minutes, she was quiet.

After about 10 minutes without hearing anything, I went out to see what she was doing.  She wasn't in her usual spot by the laundry room.  Her door was open and she wasn't in her room.  I was just about to start panicking when I noticed something under the table
 Upon further examination, I confirmed that it was my daughter.  Asleep.  Under the table.


Why?  I have no idea.  But I had to move the chair away from her head to be able to scoot her out of there and place her back in her bed.  When I picked her up she stirred and said, "Mommy, don't forget my water."

The next night she said, "Can I sleep under the table again?"

No.  You weirdo.


I'm blaming this one on my Little Sister who had a reputation for sleeping in the hallway outside my parents' room or on the floor next to their bed.  Aunt Jess?  What do you have to say for yourself?


Anonymous said...

At age 2 and a few months, my son would sleep in the hallway halfway between his bedroom and the living room (where I was) with at least one stuffed animal, a blanket and his sleeping bag. I carried him back to bed every night (I couldn't go to bed myself if I didnt!) and he eventually outgrew it. I may have bribed him. Or it got cold and the floor uncomfortable. Can't remember.

Jessica Blake said...

sowie. :)

Jenny said...

Oh my, Kelsey! You guys are way too wonderful. I love this story. Thanks for making my day.