Tuesday, January 1, 2013

December update #5: twas the week before Christmas...

After Lila's birthday on the 16th, we had a week of down time before Christmas festivities began.  My parents had Lila and two of her buddies over to decorate gingerbread houses that Tuesday.
That cheesy smile just cracks me up

Silly girls

Friday, Lila got to spend some time with her Nana and cousins.  I dropped her off at Starbucks and once she spotted her cousins, she climbed up in the chair and was like, "See ya, Mom!"  She was so cute sitting at the big table next to her cousins.  I couldn't help but snap a few pictures of her cuteness.

Saturday, we wanted to walk around the Plaza a bit while the lights were still on.  Lila was completely awestruck by the horse and carriage rides.  I told her when she has $60, we can ride the horse and carriage.  She tried to convince me that she did have $60, but I'm no fool.  In the end, she was perfectly content to yell excitedly whenever she saw one, "There's another one, Mommy!"

We had a great night, but it was freezing so we didn't last long.  As we were putting Lila to bed that night, I kissed her forehead and thought she felt warm. No, no, no, no, no! my mind protested.  We were sick the entire week of Thanksgiving and didn't get any time with our families, but at the time I consoled myself by remembering that Christmas was just a month away.  So when I took her temperature on December 22nd and she had a low-grade fever, I watched our week of Christmas festivities shatter in front of me.  Here's what we had planned:

December 23: Christmas Eve service at Heartland with the family followed by a Gathering kids Christmas party that my mom hosted
December 24: Christmas with the Husband's family
December 25: Christmas morning at our house, Christmas dinner and caroling at my grandma's house
December 26: Christmas at my parents' house with my sister and her husband (my nurse sister had to work on Christmas)

Here's what actually happened:

December 23: When the runny nose presented itself Sunday morning, we realized the fever was from a cold so we drugged Lila with Tylenol and pushed through the Christmas Eve service with strict instructions to Lila to "not touch any babies."  Then we spent the evening at the kids' Christmas party and ended it with caroling at the neighbors' houses.  It was so fun and we hope it will be a yearly tradition.

December 24: Lila was still coping okay as long as she had medicine in her, so we pushed through and celebrated Christmas with the Husband's family.  I probably wiped her snotty nose 87 times in an hour, but we made it through!  Lila had a ton of fun playing with her cousins and was super excited about her Rapunzel backpack that her cousin Addison got her.  She wore it for the next three days straight.

We went home at the end of the night and put Lila to bed, but not before we set out milk and cookies for Santa.  Lila signed her name to the note we left for Santa.
Then I set the table for Christmas breakfast.  It's a Polish tradition to set an extra plate at the table for an unexpected guest.  We set an extra one representing our next child who we hope will be home by next Christmas.
Then I got to work wrapping the rest of our gifts for the next day.  In the spirit of my mother, I addressed Lila's gifts from characters that hint at what the gift is.   Hello Kitty gave her a Hello Kitty coloring book, the Pigeon (and yes, I spelled "pigeon" wrong.  My inner spell check clocks out after midnight) gave her the newest Mo Willems book, and Rapunzel gave her Tangled.

 This is the first year Christmas has really held that special little kid magic for Lila.  She's picking up on the anticipation and we are establishing a fun blend of our families' traditions.  I went to bed excited to see Lila's face the next morning.

However, the next morning came much sooner than I thought and was...well...less than magical.  To be continued...

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