Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 1

The way you articulate how you are feeling.  

"That made me a little bit sad." (when I said you couldn't bring your backpack to school because you weren't obeying me when I asked you to pack it up)
"That makes me so happy! Ha!" (when you found your Rapunzel doll)
"I'm happy now!" (about ten minutes and four blueberries after a hunger-induced melt down)
"I'm still a little bit mad because you didn't let me wear my flip flops." (in 18 degree weather)
"I feel FRUSTRATED!" (trying to put your leggings on by yourself)
"I'm so proud of you, Mommy!" (for finding your other sparkly shoe)
"Mommy, I have a little tear because I am sad." (a few minutes after you had stopped crying)
"That hurt my fleelings!" (usually when I tell you not to do something)

I love how you are able to put your emotions to words!  Not only is it really cute (I've gotta admit, my favorite is when you are upset because of a consequence and taking awhile to recover and you say, "I'm still a little bit sad about that."), but it also gives you so much power to handle your emotions!

It's this marvelous collision of old, wise soul and small body with a lisp and little girl words.  Sometimes you amaze me that you are able to articulate it so well because I'm not always very good at sorting through my emotions.  I'm sure your daddy would love it if I were better at saying, "That made me mad when you _______!" rather than stewing over the (usually small) offense.

You are easily frustrated - especially when you are trying to do something all by yourself - so I have tried to teach you to say that you are frustrated rather than screeching or throwing the offending article of clothing/puzzle piece/marker lid, etc across the room.  It's a relief to hear you articulate a range of emotions because it also allows you to develop some empathy.  I often ask you, "Lila, how do you think Mommy felt when I asked you to ________ and you didn't obey?"  I think it's healthy to let you see that your actions affect other people.  I try not to discipline out of those emotions (boy is that hard!), but to process with you after you have served your time had your consequence.  It's good for us to talk about our "fleelings" together!

So now it's my turn, "Lila, it makes me so happy when you use your words to tell me how you feel!  I'm so proud of you!"

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