Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 10

Your imagination and creativity.

You come up with the most creative scenarios to act out and you have a knack for blending books you've read, movies you've seen and things that have happened in real life all into one elaborate story that you act out.  The other day you and Daddy invented a game in which you were Humpty Dumpty and you kept "breaking." You would flop onto our bed and yell, "Kings hooorrrrsssesssss!  Come fiiiiixxxxx meeeeeee!"

Today we were having a little impromptu Mommy-Daughter date at Starbucks (in Target while we waited for Ruby to meet us) and you were snacking on some apples.  You took a few bites of one of the slices and then exclaimed, "Mommy!  My apple looks like a rocking chair!"  And it did!
I never would have thought to consider what it might look like other than a half-eaten apple slice.  I love how your creative mind sees the world!

And I just had to include this cuteness.  You and Ruby were so excited to see each other!  You had a grand time running up and down the aisles holding hands and squealing with delight.  Such a sweet thing to have good friends.

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