Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 12

You see the world as an epic treasure hunt.

I am constantly finding things you have "hidden" in odd places.  On that same note, you are constantly asking me where ______ is only to have one of us accidentally come across it tucked somewhere random.

Examples include:

The sticker art project you "put away" in the fridge.

Sesame Street guys in my shoes.

Various small toys "put to bed" in between or behind couch cushions.
A baby rattle you snuck into my purse when Evie was over.
Lambie hiding underneath my pillow.
Your little plastic animal toys tucked away in a Kleenex box.
"The Red Girl" (the villain from Tangled) doll hidden in the laundry basket where I keep my shoes because you "don't like her because she's mean."
Your "hair" (the scarf you pretend is your Rapunzel hair) stuffed or abandoned or strung or dropped any number of places.
A cup full of Squinkies.

I love the way your mind works, but I do wish you could remember where you had tucked things away after the fact!

One day after school we were on a mad hunt for your precious Birdie Blanket.  After a trip back up to school, a few frantic phone calls to your teachers, and a desperate search of the car and house I had finally given up and went to pick up a box of my lesson supplies from that day.  It felt oddly heavy for being a box of empty paper towel rolls.  Oh the relief when I saw Birdie Blanket in all its pink fuzzy glory keeping the paper towel rolls warm!  When I told you I found it, you gasped in pleasant surprise as if to say, "Good job, Mommy!  You found it!"

And more recently, you have been earning little princess dolls by filling out your weekly sticker charts.  The most recent one you earned was Jasmine from Aladdin.  However, Jasmine disappeared within about ten minutes of her acquisition and you had no recollection of where she was.  That was 3-4 days ago.  Tonight, as I was helping you put away your toys before bed, I opened up your pretend picnic basket and guess who I found?

Other than the rare occasion where you hide something important, I really get a kick out of discovering your little buried treasures throughout the house.  If we ever move, I can only imagine the treasure hunt that will ensue as we begin to pack up the house!                                                                                      

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