Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 13

Your daddy.

This is, and always will be, my favorite thing about you.  Your daddy is the BEST.

Today is Daddy's 30th birthday so I want to tell you 30 things I love about your daddy.

1. He is fun.  You know this.  He is so good at playing with you.
2. He is loyal.  Your daddy will always be there for us.
3. He is a hard worker.  Your daddy goes to work every day to provide for us and even though his job can be hard sometimes, he rarely complains.
4. He is funny.  No one can make us laugh like Daddy!
5. He is consistent.  Daddy is steady.  You never have to wonder how he will respond to something because he is steadfast and even.
6. He values time with us.  Daddy often goes in to work early so he can be sure that he can leave on time to get home to us.  He is always sad when you have to go to bed early because he misses playing with you.
7. He is selfless.  Daddy always puts us first.  He is always willing to set aside his wants or needs to take care of us.
8. He is a good friend.  Daddy knows how to care for people.  His example of how to be a friend will shape you well.
9. He is an AWESOME husband.  I am so glad that you have such an amazing daddy to show you what a good husband is like.  I pray that his example will help you choose your future husband wisely.
10. He is creative.  I love hearing him play the drums, reading things he writes, listening to his ideas, watching him create.  I know that your creativity comes from Daddy!
11. He is a great cook.  And thank goodness!  Because your mommy's cooking leaves something to be desired!
12. He is even-tempered.  That means he doesn't get mad easily.  You will be especially grateful for this when you are a teenager.  Believe me.

13. He is affectionate.  You will never be deprived of hugs and smooches when your daddy is around!
14. He is smart.  Your daddy knows something about everything!  (He got that from your Papa!)
15. He is wise.  Being smart and being wise are not the same things!  But you can trust your daddy's advice.  He is wise AND smart!
16. He is generous.  Daddy gives of his time, his talents and his money with a generous heart.
17. He is strong.  And manly.  You can trust him to protect us.
18. He is courageous.  Daddy knows how to file away his fears and step out in faith when confronted with something that requires bravery.

19. He is thoughtful.  You and I get to benefit for the ways he considers how to care for us best.
20. He is passionate.  Daddy commits himself to the things he loves with his whole heart.
21. He is obedient.  Your daddy knows how to listen to God and follows his leading with an obedient heart.
22. He can fix anything!  From a computer to a dishwasher to a car to a broken chair - he finds a way to fix it!
23. He is a master carpenter.  This is an inside joke between Mommy and Daddy, but that doesn't make it less true!  He built your rocking chair, your stage, a bookshelf for me - that's just the beginning!
24. He is a rockstar drummer.  This is one of the reasons I fell in love with him - what girl can resist a rockstar?

25. He has good taste.  In food, in movies, in music, in furniture, in wives!
26. He is a helper.  Whether it's helping me clean the house, helping a friend paint his house, helping any number of people with a computer problem, your daddy is always willing to help!
27. He is humble.  He doesn't realize how great he is!
28. He listens to me.  He values my opinion, trusts my instincts and cares what I think.
29. He is a devoted father. You are his top priority.  His love for you dictates most of his thoughts and actions.  He is involved and active in your life.  I can tell you think he's pretty great.
30. He loves us. But you knew that already, didn't you?

Isn't your daddy the best?  I am so grateful for him.  We are so lucky!

Happy Birthday, Husband! We love you!!

*All photos taken by the wonderful Jenae Weinbrenner of Imij Foto.


Mrs. Tidyman said...

Love this! Lovely words. Beautiful pictures.

anna said...

Happy birthday Eric!!! You show the love of Christ in super practical ways, often right on the edge of someone's breaking point. or that's the way you've led your family in loving me. At those moments where it was super hard for me to see God's hand, he reminded me of how much he loves me. And it always seemed to come at a time where it would have been easy for you guys to say "no". a snowstorm and a sick lila. on your way to dinner out with the fam. super early before work, etc. but you always said "YES!" Thank you!