Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 14

How much fun it is to surprise you with little things I've done for you.

Your reaction is so worth any time and effort I put into the little surprises!  You say things like, "You made that for ME?!" and "It's BEAUTIFUL!" and "THANK you, Mommy!" and "Ha! I LOVE IT!"

So satisfying!  But dangerous because your awesome reactions make me want to spoil you rotten!

For Valentine's Day this year, I created two different options for you.  I love using Valentine's Day to note what you are really into each year so this year I had to do something with Rapunzel.

I tried a few options, but they all revealed my still-learning-not-so-awesome Photoshop skills:

So I abandoned the Rapunzel idea and decided to go with a photo that I loved from your 3 year old photos:

That was the one we ended up handing out to your friends, but you were in L-O-V-E with the second Rapunzel one.  Your reaction was so satisfying.  You kept putting your face two inches from the computer screen and saying, "Mommy, do I have long beautiful hair?  Am I Rapunzel!? Ha! I'm so beautiful!"

So I printed a few of those as well with the thought that you could give them to some of your non-school friends.  But when our friend Camille came over, you refused to give her one.  You wanted to keep all of them.  I guess the idea of exchanging Valentines was lost on you.  The funny thing is, Camille was equally upset about having to hand over her Valentine for you!  Maybe in a few years you'll get the idea.

Either way, it was still worth it to create a few little Valentine's Day surprises for you!  You make it so fun to surprise you!

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