Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day 15

How much you love music.

You sing 80% of your waking hours.  Often your singing is in conjunction with acting out a part in a Disney movie.  It's hilarious to hear your interpretations of lyrics, "It's not apitude, it's the way you dude!" (actual lyrics are "It's not your aptitude, it's the way you're viewed") or when you create your own renditions of songs, "I've got five princesses in my family, and a prince, and a BEAST!" (here's the original).

We had dinner at Grandma and Great-Pop's house the other day and Great-Pop was watching the Lawrence Welk show (which reminded me forcibly of this SNL sketch) and you were immediately glued to the TV.

Whether it's pop songs like "Call Me Maybe," Broadway hits like "Popular," or the Lawrence Welk show, music is music to you and you love it.

But my absolute favorite is hearing you sing the Rain for Roots songs in the back of the car.  The only problem is you are in a stage where you get really mad at me when I film you so every time I try to catch you singing in the car, you immediately stop singing and yell at me.  But this weekend, Daddy was driving and you were singing your little heart out so I slyly set my phone on record and set it on the console.  Trust me, you'll be glad your mama is so crafty when you are older and get to hear your sweet little voice singing, "Little One, in the storm God cares for you!"

I love your sweet little voice singing about Jesus!  My heart can barely take it!

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