Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 17

You love to help.

You have always loved to help, but now your help is actually a help (most of the time)!

You love helping me make your lunch.  You pull your little stool up to the counter and count out blueberries or apply the peanut butter or add cheese to your cheesy taco.

You also love helping me put away your laundry.  You remember which drawer is for each article of clothing and you get upset if I put it away without asking for your help.

You also are getting really good at cleaning up your toys after you are done playing with them (we now have that as part of our nightly routine which keeps this mama sane to have a straightened-up house when I go to bed!)

You love helping me when we watch Ruby or Cousin Evie.  You share your toys, you love holding Evie, and you bring me diapers and bottles or whatever else we need!  You are going to be a great help when Faith is home!

Today, Daddy was doing some work on our latest project (a vintage desk I discovered at River Market Antique Mall!  Oooooh! I'm so excited for it to be done!) and you wanted to help him.  So he put you to work sanding the metal down to be ready for primer and paint!  It was pretty much the cutest thing:
It's now a pretty teal blue!  And Daddy is working on staining the new desk top! Ooh la-la!
I love that you want to engage and be a part of what we are doing.  I just hope that we can keep up that attitude as you grow up.  I want you to grow up to feel valuable, capable and skilled and all that comes from getting good practice doing lots of things!  Three years old is not too young to be having some small responsibilities and you rise to the task!  I'm so proud of you!

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