Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 19

How much you love to read.

You have always loved to read from the time you were an itty-bitty baby.  And I loved the stage (about this time last year) when you would "read" to yourself in complete jibberish.  And even now, reading is more about reciting books we've read over and over again or just examining pictures.

But you are already in the beginning stages of reading.  You know most letter sounds and often ask what letter a word starts with or how to spell a word.  The other day in the car, you said, "How do you spell 'Franny'?" so we sounded it out together and you got F-R-A-N and then I helped you with the N-Y.  I was so impressed and proud.  I can't wait until the light-bulb really lights up and your reading takes off!

Today, you wanted me to read you a stack of books, but I was in the middle of cleaning the kitchen so I asked you to look through them by yourself first.  To my surprise, you complied and I got about 15 minutes of solid kitchen work done!  Wahoo!

I've recently been making a mental list of books I can't wait to read aloud with you as you get older.  Mostly they're books I remember reading with Nanny when I was a little girl - Little House on the Prairie, The Chronicles of Narnia, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, etc.  I have a picture framed in your room of me putting barrettes in Nanny's hair as she read aloud to me.  It's one of those mommy moments I dream about happening for us someday!  Will you cooperate and let me read to you even after you are an independent reader?  I hope so!

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