Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 2

How much you are like your Aunt Jess.

When you were in my belly, your daddy and I would talk about what we thought you might be like.  We two introverts were terrified of having an extroverted child!  We thought there was no way the two of us could produce anything other than a shy introvert, but nevertheless, out you came - more like your Aunt Jess than your mommy in some ways!  In fact your Daddy jokes that he expected to have a child who was part me and part him, but instead we have a daughter who is part me and part Aunt Jess!

But let me tell you, it is a good thing to be like your Aunt Jess.  She is fun, optimistic, happy, easy-going, silly, funny, social and friendly.  She has a way of breaking the ice with people that is positively awe-inspiring.  She can carry a conversation, share about herself and ask other people questions in a way that is completely disarming.  I've seen her do it countless times and I see the makings of that in you.  At three years old, you have mastered the ability to have a conversation that's not just one-sided.  You are thoughtful in your words and you can engage anyone, anywhere.  It seems you came out of the womb making friends.  Even as an infant, I would catch you smiling and cooing at complete strangers - making friends!

Your Aunt Jess has this journal that has a box at the bottom of each page where she can check the "outlook of the day."  There's a thumbs up, okay, thumbs down and fingers crossed.  The other day I watched as she checked the thumbs up box and I asked her if she ever checked anything different.  She flipped back through the pages for a minute and then said unapologetically, "Nope."  That made me giggle because I wouldn't expect anything else.  She assumes the best.  What a fun way to live!  And I'm jealous of that because my natural inclination is to prepare for the worst!

You are the same way.  You wake up happy and you remain happy unless you are sick or tired or hungry or if you feel your plans have been unfairly thwarted.  You have an enthusiasm about life that you only could have inherited from your Aunt (who, by the way, inherited it from your Nanny).  I love that about your Aunt Jess and I love that about you!  I want to be more like you two!

Happy Birthday, Aunt Jess!!!  We love you!
This is the print I made for Aunt Jess for Christmas.  I should make one for your room, too!

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Jessica Blake said...

this might be my favorite thing about my birthday. love you little sister. you make me sound so good. and my lila jo- i want to be like YOU when i grow up.