Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 20

How sweet and snuggly you are when you are sick.

On a normal day, you are a tornado of silliness - dancing, twirling, running, jumping, flailing silliness.  And that level of energy demands a good appetite and you are usually a great (if not a bit distracted) eater.  You also aren't really that much of a cuddle girl.  You would rather wrestle or climb or jump on me.

So, when you are mellow, don't want to eat and especially cuddly, I should know by now that something is off.  You've had a low-grade fever for about three days now (which, in hindsight, might explain some of the grouchy battles we've had recently) and I couldn't quite figure out what was going on with you.  Daddy and I were debating what to do about school today when you threw up.  That settled it.  You couldn't go to school and Daddy would have to stay home with you.

You had some pretty funny quotes from the night as you were processing your latest affliction.

A few minutes after you got sick, you were sipping some water from your Tinkerbell cup and said, "Mommy?  Tinkerbell doesn't fwow up."

"No, kiddo, she doesn't."



I somehow changed the subject.  Sometimes you ask me questions I don't know how to answer.

Then, a little while later you said, "Mommy?  Are you so sad that I'm sick?"

"Yes, Peanut.  I'm so sorry you are sick!"

"Why am I sick?"

"Because you caught someone's germs."

"They didn't wash their hands!"

And then, when you caught me rewarding my parenting woes (aka, washing the puke out of my pants) with a Thin Mint cookie you said in all seriousness, "Cookies make me feel all better."

If only, my girl.  If only.  Feel better soon!  As much as I love cuddly Lila, I prefer happy, healthy Lila!

That is the vacant stare of a sick kiddo.

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Sarah B said...

oh sick kiddos are the saddest!!! poor girl! get well soon! maybe the snow makes her feel all better too? :)