Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 22

Your will.

This month has been hard.  It's been bittersweet.  Bitter because I have had a hard time coming up with things I love about you in the midst of the difficult month you and I have had together.  We seemed to hit our peak of drama when both of us were stomping mad and slamming doors.  It's a little more embarrassing for me to admit my actions because, hello! I'm supposed to be the grown up here!  But Child?  You know how to push my buttons!

But the timing of 28 days of loving you has been sweet because, as a friend said to me, it's good to be forced to look for the good in the midst of a hard season.

Tonight, I believe the Lord gave me a reason to love your will.

You have been sick all week.  Until today, you've been sick (fever, occasional vomiting and lack of appetite) but happy and relatively active.  Today, however, you were on your feet for less than ten minutes all day.  To say that is unusual would be an insult to an understatement.  You took three naps, wanted me to hold you most of the day and said all of ten words which is, of course, another bizarre occurrence.  I started to get worried about you.  You weren't eating or drinking much, you had vomited several times and you were so lethargic.
You fell asleep in my lap multiple times today
So I called my sweet, dear, faithful, generous friend and pediatrician, Juhi (aka, Afsana's mommy) to see what she thought.  The thing that concerned both of us the most is that you hadn't gone potty all day.  So Juhi suggested I try to get you to take a sip of water every few minutes until you had to go pee.  I told you you needed to either take a drink of water or go potty so I could be assured you weren't dehydrated.  You were not going for this idea.  I'm not really sure if it was because you felt nauseated so you didn't want to eat or drink or because your illness was making you feel especially uncooperative and defiant.  Probably a mix of both.  Whatever the motivator, my pressing you to get hydrated quickly devolved into a screaming crying fit.

And this is where the whole "I love your will" thing comes into play.  Never have I been so relieved to see you throwing a fit!  You broke out all your go-to strategies: throwing things, hitting me, spitting, etc.  Eventually I decided to put you in a Pull-Up thinking that you might more willingly pee in it, which made you even more mad.  I wanted to shut this fit down as quickly as possible fearing it could lead to more vomiting or some other unwanted side effect, so I decided to just let you flail it out in your room by yourself.  You did not want the light on and you did not want us in there so we just let you be in the dark room by yourself.

After about ten minutes your screeches had been downgraded to whines and wails so I peeked in to see what you were up to.  You were sitting bare-bottomed on the wool area rug with your pants around your ankles and your Pull-Up on the floor next to you in the middle of the dark room.  I almost laughed in relief.  In fact, you saw me smirk a bit and yelled, "Don't SMILE!" because you thought I was making light of your misery.  But in reality, all I could think was, "Thank goodness she's okay!"  Half naked in an act of defiance is the best evidence that your normal self was lurking close to the surface.  I had been worried that "normal" you had been displaced by sickly you.

Now, don't get me wrong, in the grand scheme of things we are working toward a normal healthy you that is obedient and non-fit-throwing.  But for today, I was so happy to see the naughty, defiant you emerge even if it was just for a few minutes.  Soon enough, you were falling asleep sitting up so I got you dressed again and put you to bed.

And good news, I checked on you a few hours later and had you sit on the potty and guess what?! You peed!  Ahh, the sweet sound of hydration!

(Yes, this is how we spent our Friday night.  Glamorous, huh?)

Feel better, Baby Girl.  Your daddy desperately wants to build a snowman with you tomorrow!

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