Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 23

Sharing quintessential childhood experiences with you.

It snowed like crazy a few days ago, but we were holed up sick.  I hoped you would be better in time to enjoy this massive snowfall and this morning, you woke up happier than you have the last 6 days.  It's clear you're turning a corner - still not 100%, but doing so much better!  Better enough that we all bundled up to play in the snow a bit.

You were a little hesitant - although who can blame you when the snow came up to your knees in some spots!  Your daddy put on a little show for you, climbing to the top of the mound at the corner of our driveway created by the snow plow and then pretending to fall off.  You found this hilarious.

You wanted me to climb up to the top of the mound with you.  So we did.
Unfortunately, our dismount was not nearly as acrobatic as Daddy's - much to your disappointment. 
I wrote your name in the snow.  Daddy showed you that snow was good for eating.  Franny bounded around like the happiest dog in the world.  You took it all in, observing cautiously, blinking in the sunlight reflecting brightly off the snow and occasionally shoving handfuls of snow (that I silently prayed hadn't been peed on) into your mouth.

"Too bright!"
There are moments from my own childhood that seem to hang on with the most clarity and depth and I find myself eager to recreate them for you.  You may not remember this day, but for me it was like re-living my favorite memories with my favorite girl.  Maybe someday you will plop your own three-year-old into a foot of snow and be forcibly reminded of the freshness of the air, the crunch of the surface of the snow breaking, the blinding white, the hills of snow that towered above your head.  If you do, call your mama and I'll tell you all about today.

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