Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 24

You are observant.

Daddy and I changed the sheets on our bed last night (because Someone was eating crackers in our bed yesterday and when I got in bed I heard an actual *crunch* as I sat down) and the first thing you said when you came in our room was, "What happened to the other sheets?  Where's the brown ones?"

I love that you care about the details.  Me too.  I love details.  It's the details that make a story, make a memory, make a moment.  It's the details that make each blessed creation unique from the one next to it.  I think Jesus loves details, too.

I will admit it would be easier sometimes if you weren't so observant.  When Daddy and I are trying to have a conversation that is not necessarily three-year-old appropriate and we think you aren't tuned in and suddenly you ask, "What's _____ mean?" we exchange a look that says Darn! I thought she wasn't listening/How are we going to get out of this one? 

Nothing gets by without a comment from you.  We bought a few chairs on Craigslist for your new desk and as back-ups when we have company over and I had them lined up in the living to clean them off.  You entered stage right and said dramatically, "There's so many CHAIRS!"

You notice if we try to sneak extra veggies on your plate.  You notice if I slightly rearrange the objects on top of your dresser.  You notice if I wear a new shirt.  You notice if I put my hair in a ponytail.  You notice if Daddy gets a haircut.  You notice if I try to stealthily sneak away a broken toy that I think would live a better life in the trash than at the bottom of your toy bin.  You notice if we try to skip a few pages of a book to get to bedtime sooner.  You notice everything.  

Maybe your observation skills will prove useful in your future career.  Maybe you'll be a scientist.  Or a lawyer.  Or a doctor.  Or a detective.  Or just a mommy like me who also notices everything - including every little growing, changing, lengthening, stretching part of her baby girl.  I have you memorized - every detail.  And I love the details.  The details make you - you.

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