Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 3

How much you love babies.

You have a little play computer that your friend Emri gave you for your birthday last year.  It asks you questions and you answer them.  Today we were snuggling on my bed and you were playing with your computer.  It asked you, "What's your favorite toy?" and you answered, "My baby."

I think I love this about you because it is one of the ways you are so like me.  I have loved babies since I was a little girl and I always dreamed about being a mommy!  You love holding babies (always have) and I love listening to you play with your babies.  You have three favorite babies.


Glora (This is a name you made up, I think):


You love to take your babies on walks, change their diapers, feed them bottles, put them to bed, rock them, read to them.  You coo at them, "Oh, it's okay Lucy!  I will help you!"  And you inform me of their most urgent needs, "Mommy, Baby Faith needs a new diaper because she's poopy.  Can I have a wipe to wipe her poopy?"  Your babies seem to have certain preferences for how they want to spend their time.  Lucy always seems to be hungry, Faith always wants to go on a walk in the stroller (with lots of pit stops to change poopy diapers), and Glora always seems to be fussy and ready for a nap.

And of course when there are real live babies to be held, you are always first in line.  Our little cousin, Evangeline came to play a few weeks ago and you couldn't keep your hands off of her.  You were the best of friends instantly.  You brought her more toys than she knew what to do with and you wanted to hold her every other minute.  
Notice the white-knuckled grip you have on Evie's arm!
You handed her toy after toy and then showed off your organizing skills.  I think she was very impressed!
Happy girls!

And for me, every time I can get my hands on a baby around Faith's age, I close my eyes and pretend like I'm holding my girl.  It does something sweet to my heart to hold other people's babies when mine isn't home yet.

Baby Sybil is just 5 days younger than Faith so she's the sweetest substitute.
 I can't wait until it's your little sister that you are begging to hold!

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