Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 4

How much you love playing dress-up.
This is what happened at our Super Bowl party.  Three fairy princesses set up camp in the dining room.
If I would let you, you would wear dress-up clothes all day every day.  It is your go-to activity when friends come over or even by yourself.  I'll hear you talking to yourself in the other room and you'll emerge decked out from head to foot in some elaborate costume of your own design.  

You have a weekly play date with your friend, Mira (she comes to our house one week and you play at her house the next week) and you two ALWAYS end up in hilarious costumes.
This day, you came to me in the living room and announced, "We're ready!"  I'm not exactly sure what you were ready for with a backpack, a cowgirl hat, a stroller, a construction hat and fist-fulls of princess dolls, but who am I to argue?

One day I was brushing my teeth when I heard from the living room:
"Franny look up!  Look up, Franny! Hold still!  Uggggggghhhhhh!  Franny, HOLD STILL!"

I thought I should probably investigate and found you trying to outfit Franny with a tiara:
Dogs are not exempt from fanciness.
When we shop at Target, I usually bribe you with 5 minutes of play time in the toy aisle if you are obedient while I do my shopping.  One day you opted to play dress-up with some accessories you found instead of playing in the toy aisle.

And recently, you have wanted me to "do" your hair.  This means you want me to put every clip you own in your hair at once.  Then you walk around giggling coyly and talking about how beautiful your hair looks.

 I am loving this little girl stage of elaborate outfits and make-believe!

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