Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 5

Bonus snuggles.

Ever since we moved you to a big girl bed, your naps have been a little unpredictable.  When you were in your crib, you could easily go back to sleep if you woke up too early from a nap.  But now, you haven't trained yourself to stay in bed long enough to see if you will fall back asleep - you just hop right up and come into our room.  Sometimes, if you wake up early from your nap, you will crawl in bed with me and just lie there quietly and snuggle.  And sometimes you actually fall back asleep.  That's the BEST.
This happened today.  I was in heaven.  And also I was glad that you got some extra sleep - it's been a little rough in the sleep department since we got rid of your bink.  There's a post to come on that achievement/tragedy later!

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