Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 6

Conversations you have with Daddy.

These were all overheard just tonight:

You: I'm going to marry you because you're a boy.
Daddy: Well, I'm your daddy and I'm married to Mommy, so you can't marry me.  But I get to decide who gets to marry you.
You: Well, I'm going to marry Jude because he's a boy, too.
Daddy: Jude has to ask my permission first.
You: Your permission!?
Daddy: Yes! Jude has to ask me if he can marry you.  But guess what, I'll let you marry Jude.
By the way, Jude's mommy told me today that he was very distressed that you were sick last week.  He told his mommy that he prayed for you to get better.  For the record, you have my permission to marry Jude, too!

You: Daddy, will you be Flynn Rider and look at books with me because I'm Rapunzel.

You: Daddy, can you help me find my hair? (Referring to the scarf that you pretend is your long Rapunzel hair.)

You: Daddy!  I have to poop!  Can you hold my dress up?  Can you say, 'ew'?

Daddy: Lila, I want you to put away your backpack, your dolls, your Squinkies...
You: Interrupting Those aren't my dolls, those are my babies.

You: Daddy? Daddy? Daddy? (Daddy was hiding from you.) Gasp! He dis-dappeared!
Daddy zipped you up in his sweater.  You love this game.

I love the relationship that has developed between you and your daddy.  He is such a fun and interactive daddy.  You gasp and squeal with excitement when he comes home from work and you cry when he leaves for the day.  You often tell him, "Daddy, I don't want you to go to work because that will make me very sad!"  I'm sure that guilt-trip makes it even harder for him to leave us!

Most little girls love their daddies, but I think you have an especially close relationship with Daddy.  And I think it's because he puts in the time.  You are lucky to have a daddy who plays with you so well and invests in relationship with you.

He just came in the room with a Rocky-esque celebration stance having rocked you to sleep after a long day at school and no nap.  This after having 10 days of the most epic bedtime battles ever since we took away your bink.  He's my hero.
I woke up to this one Saturday morning
He caught me taking a picture, that handsome guy.

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