Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 8

Your budding artist skills.

A few weeks ago I had to get some fillings (yes, plural.  3 fillings. I'm still sad for me about that.) so Nanny watched you.  When I came home you wanted to show me your drawings and I didn't believe they were yours at first!

I had no idea that you could draw so well already!  I knew you could draw circles and triangles and lines and some letters, but I didn't know that you were drawing faces!  I missed the transition from squiggly circles to intentional creations.

I was so impressed that I took a video of you in action.

I love that you gave me a "big smile" when you drew me and that Franny's smile went around her face a bunch of times.  I can't wait to see how your drawings evolve from here on out.  I'm sure I'll be framing many of your creations.  You have one proud mama!

1 comment:

anna said...

"where's her tail?"
"She doesn't have a tail"
"yeah, you're right, she kinda doesn't."

how precious is this video!!!!! What a sweet little stinker!