Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 9

Your pluck.

I'll be honest, the last two weeks have been rough.  Your sleep is all out of whack ever since we took away your bink.  And as much as I don't love the temper tantrums, the bed-time fights, the flailing limbs, the whining and stalling - I have to say that I do admire your pluck.



Definition of PLUCK

: an act or instance of plucking or pulling
: the heart, liver, lungs, and trachea of a slaughtered animal especially as an item of food
: courageous readiness to fight or continue against odds :dogged resolution

(By the way, definition number 2? Yuck.)

You approach bedtime with a "courageous readiness to fight or continue against odds."  When we said goodbye to your binks it seems that, in your mind, we were also saying goodbye to any semblance of normalcy or routine when it comes to bedtime.  Sometimes I think you are punishing us.  But mostly I'm sure it's just a stage of grief and transition as you figure out how to soothe yourself anew.

You've figured out how to take the child safety lock off the door (and fling it out of your room in a showy display of defiance).  You've learned how to quietly sneak into your closet to play with your dolls (what you don't know is that I don't really mind you doing that as playing quietly helps you wind down in a way that running back and forth from your room to the kitchen doesn't!).  You've learned how to push all the right buttons to get us to come running/stomping/trudging back into your room.

Your tenacity astounds me.  Your creativity is terrifying.  Your "dogged resolution" to stay awake impressive.  You pluck is awe-inspiring.  And of course bedtime is just one example of this trait of yours.  I see it when you are trying to master a new task (like unbutton your jammies) or when you want to listen to song over and over until you've learned every single lyric or when you refuse to let me help you with something you know you can do by yourself.

I love that about you.  I pray that, as you grow, you learn to give that character quality to the Lord to use for His good purposes.  And out, world!  Lila Kautzi is coming and she's bringing her astounding, terrifying, impressing and awe-inspiring PLUCK!

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