Friday, February 15, 2013

intermission and a mini-fundraiser!

I'm supposed to be writing about Day 15 of Things I Love about Lila, but we have had A DAY.  To give you a glimpse, just let me tell you that I'm not exaggerating when I say that Lila almost started a fire in our house this morning.  It involved the USB cord from the printer and an electric heater - both of which she has strict instructions to NOT TOUCH.  Can't a mama load the dishwasher without worrying that her child might burn the house down in the other room???



*Deep breath.*

Okay, so because I want this to actually be 28 Things I LOVE about Lila instead of 27 Things I Love about Lila and 1 Thing I'd like to Extinguish (pun intended), I decided to take a break and I'll do double-duty tomorrow.  Hopefully she'll be a little less destructive tomorrow.  *Sigh again.*

But it's good timing for an intermission anyway because my darling friend, Laurisa has a little mini fundraiser going on right now to fulfill her One of One Hundred pledge to help us bring Baby Faith home!

She's selling these sweet hand-made bracelets for $10 each.

$5 goes toward our adoption and $5 goes toward her unpaid maternity leave so all $10 helps babies!  Hooray for babies!

Here's how you can order:
1. Email Laurisa at sasabluedesign(at)gmail(dot)com and tell her which style you'd like and how many
2. Make payment via PayPal to sasabluedesign(at)gmail(dot)com.
3. If you need it shipped, add an extra $2.50 to the price

She has the colors pictured plus red and blue.  Order today!  I love the green one with the white pearly beads. Yum.


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Sarah B said...

Um, it must be in the air! Lily took her own diaper off today without me knowing and well, you can guess. She locked herself in the bathroom (in the dark) TWICE and dropped my book light (ie. my best friend in the middle of the night) in the toilet! ewww! bye bye booklight... i'm glad your house did not burn down! Will be tuning in for more cute Lila updates tomorrow! Two words for you: bed time! :)